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Difficulty Bug

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  • Difficulty Bug

    Hi, first of all thx to blackcat games for makin such a top notch mod

    any my point is this, after the leader has set the difficulty to easy in the options it says easy and all that. but upon failure of the mission for the difficulty it says normal. is this actualy on normal or is the wrong difficulty displaying?

    any1 else noticed this?

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    Will check.

    But it could be that the leader changed his mind and switched the diff up to normal right before he started the mission. How many times did this happen?


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      This happens in single player campaign too. I set it to easy but when I beat the mission it says it's normal mode.


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        Could explain why even Easy is moderately difficult. :p


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          Easy and normal are too easy!


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            You made the game - of course it's easy for you.

            You might want to consider making Easy at least somewhat easy for those of us who would like to actually complete the singleplayer campaign in reasonable time and actually have a chance at winning some of the medals and such.

            No reason not to at least offer reasonable difficulty settings. Either that or just don't call it Easy, because it certainly isn't for most people.


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              All easy maps show up as being failed or completed under 'normal' difficulty. I just assumed it was a text error.


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                I believe that in Campaign mode, the Difficulty actually goes up, depending on the mission. So even though your on 'Easy' the further you progress the difficult will go up. If you are playing 'Normal' the difficult of every mission will be one higher than If on 'Easy'.
                This should not be the case with single-missions, and this is the reason why even on Easy, the campaign can be quite tough.

                -Correct me if i'm wrong
                .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                  Tafferboy speaks Truth


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                    if this is the case is there any point in putting an easy setting? would be ok if it when the missions was failed for the first time on normal then it could go to easy?


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                      Easy campaign is still easier than Normal, just as Normal campaign is easier than Hard, etc. There is a slight variation depending on the mission you're on, but that variation is applied ON TOP of the setting you choose. Check the threat levels on the campaign map for an idea as to the modifier applied.


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                        I just played for the first time and I completed the tutorial and the first and second missions on easy without getting anyone killed.

                        With all the bitching here, I would've thought Alien Swarm was impossible or something.
                        Anyway, I think the difficulty is just right. What use do you have for an easy setting if it's so easy that the game isn't fun anymore? IMO easy should still be challenging, normal should be hard and any mode above it shouldn't be playable unless you're an AS god or something. Harder = better.

                        I can't seem to do multiplayer unfortunately, as my PC hangs when I click join multiplayer.