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  • Request!!!

    First of all this mod RULZ. I just love it.

    1)Faster loading times and make the game load each time I press restart mission. Becose now it loads it again like another mission. But I need just to restart it.
    (This problem is in every Unreal and Unreal Tournament , but some games just places players, enemys, and everyting in starting position).
    2)More ammo in levels.
    3)And it would be cool if there be vehicles like buggys (car), tanks, and even turrets that can be used by player and other stuff. But where is buggys (CARS) and tanks there need to be a map what is very big and is in open area. So if these vehicles be in the mod. It would be more like STARSHIP TROOPERS.

    4)Checkpoints (places where game saves) would be cool. Becose it sucks when I need to start the mission from begining when I die at the end.

    What do you tink?

    Sorry for bad english.
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    I think more interactive stuff would be nice, like man-able turrets and vehicles etc. But this would have to be something that is put into new maps.
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