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Great mod! A couple of nitpicks though

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  • Great mod! A couple of nitpicks though

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, I tried a couple of searches but couldnt really think of any suitable terms.

    One thing I dislike about this are the premade up-for-grabs characters. Say you spend 4 multiplayer campaign missions levelling up Crash nice and clean, but then a new player logs in and snatches him just because your client loaded a little slower. You need to start demanding him back or just getting another guy, arf.
    It would be awesome if your character was stored server-side and was bound to your IP or nick or something. So when you log back on later you will still have your own personal guy. If the server restarts the campaign, all characters are wiped or reset.

    So basically, if you are playing on one server, nobody can use your character. Joining another server would just start a new one.

    And as I mentioned in another thread, multiplayer KIA is too much of a penalty, I think it would be better if you only lost some skill stars or something.
    I'm 100% for friendly fire, without it all strategy and teamwork would be lost, but there needs to be a more clear signal (like an error/warning sound or something?) when you hit a friendly player, not all people seem to notice when they do. Just a text message "You harmed teammate Bastille!" would be awesome. At least that would get rid of "You hit me!", "no the aliens killed u".

    Don't get me wrong, I love this mod! (I've been playing it more intensively than I did ut2004 when I first got it!), but those are a few issues that are kinda irking me. Actual gameplay is top notch!
    Fuzzle was killed by Player.
    Player: is FF on?