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Brilliant mod, some suggestions

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  • Brilliant mod, some suggestions

    Plenty of people have given their props and the like, and yeah, ditto to those.

    However, here are a couple multiplayer suggestions that the dev team may not have thought about.

    When a bullet hits a player, sparks fly (presumably the bullet striking armor), just to make it more obvious that you've hit a friendly.

    Icons next to the player icons designating their loadout. Both ingame and in the loadout screen. This, of course, makes it a bit clearer what you should bring.

    A little reticle or something to indicate you are going to heal (as a medic). Makes it easier things to figure out. And when a player is first syringed, he flashes, then the red plusses fly out. Again, to make it a bit clearer what has just happened in case there are two medics around the same guy.

    Turrets could have a little visible laser pointer, just so it's easier to see where it's pointing in darker areas.

    I'm not sure if this is already in the game, but it'd be nice if burning stops immediately when a medic uses a medpack.