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Lost skill points in Campaign Multiplay?

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  • Lost skill points in Campaign Multiplay?

    Hi all;

    I just played a multiplayer game (hosting) and my cable went down just as we'd finished. Net effect of this is that I couldn't allocate skill points to two of my guys.

    Is there any way to get those points back, or allocate them at a later time? I see humourously that the game greys out the characters so you can't select them, or level them up (the ones used by other players).

    If you can't go back over it after a successful campaign mission - well that's pretty dumb. Quite apart from net problems, you'll have people who just quit out carte blanche, which will fcuk up your campaign nicely.

    Any thoughts?

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    ..and thus I show my ignorance. It seems that all you need to do is quit the game and reload, and viola - the points are there waiting to be assigned.

    It gave me quite a turn to find them unselectable in the after-game menu, and I quit in a fit of pique.