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Feedback from a German Online-Clan

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  • Feedback from a German Online-Clan

    this mod is plain awesome !
    it finally brings back the good old diablo2 overhead view co-op feeling we didnt have a lot of in the past years.
    half of the ut2004 division of our german online gaming clan played AS the whole weekend, so our planned CTF trains didnt take place

    druckwelle ut2004 co-leader on teamspeak:"hey guys we got a planned train against soandso clan in 30 mins".
    druckwelle soldiers on teamspeak:"uhm we are in the middle of the AS campain, we cant really stop, lets do the train some other time"

    we brought an AS server up 2 days ago.

    i have a question too tho:
    can we expect more maps ? and if yes, is there an eta ?
    seeing that we play AS several hours a day, we might be in need of new maps/campain soon.

    greets from germany, keep up the awesome work !!!

    dw.LaRokka - DRUCKWELLE
    visit us @

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    Hey, nice to see some clanners, too!

    As for maps: I know nuffin' about anything official being made on that front, but the functionality to make Single Missions with UED is there, so I suppose you can expect a lot of people to pick that up.

    If you know someone who would be interested, point them out to this URL:

    (I hope my sentences made sense. It's 3PM and I've been up all night.)
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...