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    First, great mod. Loved it from the beginning.

    Now, I'm gonna try to suggest things that haven't been suggested yet. While I agree with many of them, suggesting them again isn't gonna make them happen. :p

    Singleplayer :
    Too hard, even on easy (at least for me). However, the other single player suggestions cover this, so I'm satisfied.

    Multiplayer :
    A new versus gamemode: Control. There are 9-ish objectives littered across each map for two teams of four marines to capture. This means there are more objectives than marines, so repackable turrets (perhaps) could be used to defend. The objectives could be simple beacons to activate ('use') or terminals to hack (perhaps for bonus points, as you would need to keep watch on your techmarine). Whichever team controls the most points at the end of a quick time limit wins. Best of all, most of this would be mapper-controled - how many victory points each objective is worth, how many sealable doors, whether victory points can defend themselves with autoturrets, whether aliens are also spawning, etc. (Just for fun, I already made a map for this, it's just missing the gamemode and additional actors )

    (Is it just me, or does it seem like the dev team is really against non-co-op game modes? Not that there's anything wrong with that :p . Maybe it's just me)

    As for the sniper rifle (as suggested elsewhere), equiping it would allow the camera to pan farther than usual when crouched (which also blinds the user to his immediate environment). Still, this would have no use in single-player, so perhaps it could be relegated to Control only.


    I would like a list of what you have to do to unlock stuff. I'm not a hardcore easter-egg finder, and so having a hidden list of secrets makes me feel a litte cheated . I don't want a list of the actual unlockables, just what I need to do. For instance, I don't want to spend all day trying to play a level on Insane without losing a marine, only to succeed and not get anything.

    *Edit- Ok, I didn't finish the map. Right now it's a kinda featureless shell. So sue me.
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    As for control, how about a squareish map with a computer terminal in each corner? The computer terminal can be activated/hacked by normal marines, but it would take 10 seconds to change them to their side. Tech marines would take significantly shorter than them, and even shorter with higher tech levels.

    The basic idea would be that two teams would be set against eachother, with an objective to hack at least three terminals ASAP and hold them for a certain timeperiod. Hacked terminals will activate either red or blue lights in the vicinity of it (so you can see what area belongs to what team). In the beginning, all terminals would start out neutral/white. Once a terminal has been hacked, the other team can try to rehack it and turn it into their color.

    To avoid the counterstrike effect, where objectives are rarely followed and everyone just goes for team elimination, killed teammembers should respawn at a random terminal of their color. If they have no terminals, they respawn in the middle. They respawn with fresh ammo and inventory, however they can't change their loadouts, so they have to think carefully about what they take along at the start of the game.

    Also, during the game, aliens spawn at random locations on the map, however not in the massive numbers as they do in single player (the fight is between human teams, not humans and aliens).

    I think that would be the basics of this gamemode. Offcourse there'd be room for much more exciting things, like a control switch to release a Behemoth or two whenever your sitiation looks grim. Or secret rooms with powerfull weapons and additional ammo, and maybe even switches to activate powerfull turrets and thus create a bottleneck for your opponent team.

    Now I know Human vs. Human and respawning marines sounds weird, but you could justify it by making these (and maybe even other modes) part of Holoroom Advanced Tactical Training (HATT).

    I think it'd be fun.


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      Originally posted by Evilreaver
      (Is it just me, or does it seem like the dev team is really against non-co-op game modes? Not that there's anything wrong with that :p . Maybe it's just me)
      Don't worry, this isn't the case ^^


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        This sounds good; keep the levels full of aliens tho, and let each team get maps etc, and then opponents wouldn't be so keen on opening doors their enemies sealed; who KNOWS whats back there?

        I'm hugely against sniper rifles in Alien Swarm. In gaming, snipers are essentially cowards who want kills with no risk; in-universe, a sniper would be next to useless *inside a building*. But hey, if they put one in, I'll never use it, so who cares?


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          How would player vs. player modes work? I can't think of a way to make it not pointless unless you rebalance the guns around having no autoaim.


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            Originally posted by Stregone
            unless you rebalance the guns around having no autoaim.
            Most of the weapons would be fine. If anything, the autoaim distances could be reduced slightly, but not removed. If you see an enemy SpecWeaps in the next room, you're gonna have to sneak up on it with a grenade or flamethrower (ammopacks, remember!). If there's a sentry, use another door.

            Weapons would have to do slightly less damage, so PvP would last longer than 0 seconds per encounter

            Also, with aliens constantly pouring in, it would be fairly simple to take advantage of your enemies while they are defending themselves. Unless they got a flamethrower, then they can just whip around and burninate you and get back to the alien. There would be significantly fewer than in SP, as the focus is in PvP.
            Grunt: How dangerous can parasites be?
            Grunt has been infested with a parasite!
            Grunt: Oh, I thought I could step on them.