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    Here's a few of my ideas for aliens. Feel free to add more.

    Armedillo Adult:
    A genetic mutation causes the adult to grow extremely protective plating all over it's back. This plating makes it near impervious when it's curled up, however the weight of the plating makes the alien move very slow when it isn't curled up.

    This alien would act like the droideka from Star Wars Episode one. It rolls up into a ball and rolls close to the marines. When it is in a certain range it uncurls and moves in for melee attacks.

    Body Snatcher:
    Parasite that latches onto the back of a marine and brings it under alien control. You can't damage a marine that's under alien control. You have to shoot at the back and remove the parasite that way. While the marine is under alien control it will move at walking speed and it will try to kill you with the weapon it had selected at the time it was 'infested'. It won't run out of ammo.

    The best way to avoid marines falling under alien control is to not turn your backs to them at any time. The Body Snatcher parasite can only attack you from the back, and won't be able to attack you any other way.

    Chameleon Adult:
    Slow moving adult that has the ability to change it's outer layer of skin to match it surroundings, rendering it allmost invisible to the naked eye. They will turn visible once they start attacking, or when you damage them. The scanner still picks these up like normal.

    Venom Spitter:
    A variety of alien that has large venom glands and spits out corrosive blobs of acidic venom. These blobs will do damage to marines, and wherever they strike they will create puddles of acid that take a few moments to disintegrate. The same puddle is also created when the creature dies, as the sacks of venom tear open and are emptied on the floor. AI bots will automatically try to jump over the puddles when they encounter them.

    Feel free to suggest or add more aliens.

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    i think that the invisible alien isnt that good of an idea since the current aliens are damn hard to see anyways

    i was thinking along the lines of soemthing that can transform into a marine and acts like it untill the real marine comes to the screen and then attacks.

    i just noticed that most of the aliens are like the aliens from Aliens vs Predator 2.

    maybe a slow alien but does huge damage when gats close. kinda like the nehemoth.


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      I'm not too picky about designs specifically, but some other variants would be cool. Something that really surprises you the first time you see it.
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        parasites should be brighter. most of the time i don't know i'm infested untill it says -INFESTED- in green letters.


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          I think they are fine as they are, you can hear if they are around and personally I don't have much problems seeing them if I'm looking for them, give or take being behind a wall or something.
          I usually play Crash so I can see them on my radar anyway.
          Fuzzle was killed by Player.
          Player: is FF on?


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            Well, the Venom Spitter is partly a neat idea - one thing this Aliens theme is missing are acid-filled aliens. Not all aliens should be like these walking bio-bombs, but some maybe.
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              Armedillo Adult is interestin


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                I find body snatcher scary and unnecessary addition..btw how do aliens grow to adults if parasites when infesting a human body, just spawn more of em and they dont mature?
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