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  • Evil Mainframe Computer!?

    hehe, yet another idea for AlienSwarm. I know you guys are getting tons of these but I thought this is a pretty viable idea that was worthy of it's own thread.

    The idea is similar to the Red Queen in Resident Evil the movie or HAL 9000 in a Space Odyssey, where the computer is the omnipresent/all-seeing/conniving antagonist. It has a friendly computer voice but instead of helping you it seals doors on you which require lengthy hacks, traps you in rooms full of oncoming bugs, maybe even floods/gasses/flames rooms, and activates turrets. And for the creepy effect it talks to you and taunts you.

    On a mission like this the objective would be to either kill the power (means lights out) or gain control of the robot via a main control room, where you are then able to do all those evil things like activate turrets, seal off sections of the facility etc... in an effort to keep the swarm at bay while you complete a secondary objective or escape/wait for a dropship.


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    Will i dream dave?... Dreamm... Daveeey.... Daaavvvveeeeyyyy...


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      I think that's already been done in Resident Evil, Space Odyssey, and System Shock 2...

      I like things to be unique!


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        That sounds really cool.
        I don't play to win, I play to fight.


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          i prefer the pathalogical hive mind, to a mouthy bad guy.


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            Originally posted by Salsa
            I think that's already been done in Resident Evil, Space Odyssey, and System Shock 2...

            I like things to be unique!
            Well AS already borrows heavily from Aliens, maybe Starship Troopers and even Starcraft. Ths evil computer idea is so widespread I don't think it would be considered "riping off" more than it is "borrowing" or "implementing."

            When you think about how many cameras, panels, computers, terminals, control rooms, and hackable doors there are in the game, it only makes sense that these would all be wired through some sort of central computer which would be able to control the doors, cameras, mounted weapons etc... Even when you read some of the logs it mentions "sealing off" certain sectors of the map to prevent the swarm from getting in.

            Overall I think it would really add to the "movie-like" experience of AS, and would certainly be inspired by previous evil robots, but that's not such a bad thing. I mean BlackCat games are all insipred by other games/movies :p


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              My cats are black! How about yours?


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                My perfect game would be Aliens mixed with the gameplay of System Shock 2. I'd die if it ever happened.


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                  Aliens vs Predator 2 try that.


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                    Great idea! Even better in a non-linear setting, where the marines not only have to fight the bugs, but constantly regain control of cameras\serntrys\doors\generators etc from a mainframe... which is (of course) heavily guarded in a secure room somewhere!

                    Everyone knows what the worst part of System Shock 2 is; that it was so linear and short. In Alien Swarm, you could have a non-linear game, with the evil computer 'defending' the base from the marine invaders, interrupting their communications, killing the lights on them, locking doors with half the team on either side etc, while the tech marines try to reroute power, keep comms secure, all other fun stuff. This is a great idea!


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                      I was trying to say that while blasting bugs will never get old, the "evil computer" is passأ©.

                      How about a benevolent mainframe computer?


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                        I don't think its about passe; Alien Swarm is Man Against The Odds, and upping the odds by having a evil computer do nasty things to you just adds to that.

                        And believe me, blasting aliens does, indeed, get old. Thats why we need depth.


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                          its been done to many times, fallout tactics did it to.


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                            I dunno. I think it would make a great map...

                            - Oh my god, they took over the mainframe!
                            - What do you mean they took over the mainframe? They can't take over the mainframe! They're animals!
                            Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                              It might be a good idea, but did you ever think about the work it requires? Thousands of sounds (if not every single taunt should be written) and an nice Mainframe-AI. Sure you can do with scripted Sequences but it would be a bit static, wouldn't it?

                              If anyone wants to do something like that I would love it, but i think it's not worth it...