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  • Space Hulk?????

    hello, I do not speak english well I am of Spain sorry by the lack. Before played space hulk and when installs this mod it remembered much me, if to look for information of space hulk to be able to remove many ideas from, if to want that helps with skins please contact me


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    Space Hulk if I'm not mistaken is an adaptation from Warhammer 40,000, which is an awesome game. I guess you want to make a mod pitting Space Marine Terminators vs. Tyranid aliens?

    Well that sounds like a lot of work but would be pretty cool. Maybe in future releases there will be new aliens similar to Tyranids, but until then, good luck.

    You can can also check out for Dawn of War, an upcoming RTS based on the WH40k universe.


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      Me want Dawn of War. Now pls.


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        It'll be rubbish like all other GW games; if they made a decent RTS, noone would buy their models, would they now?


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          It's being made by Relic, who made Homeworld. Also, Space Crusade was great.


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            Someone needs to see the gameplay videos ^^


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              LOL I feel the irresistable need to see the gameplay vids before commenting further...

              I've always wanted a 40k rules rts with proper unit customisation and stuff... if they finally did it, it might kill them, but WE'LL have fun

              HOLY CRAPSORES! Where do I join the cult??
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                Ahh. I thought the game board and models where fantastic. Something eerie about empty ship corridors. But when my brother owned it I did'nt have the patience to go through the manuals.

                All warhammer art is great, but space hulk's probably my favourite.


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                  Space hulk Rulz! "Onward, brothers!"

                  I have the disk next to me but it's way to ancient to run on xp... Alas.

                  A mission set in a space ship would be extremely fun especially if you could recreate the twisty windy enclosed feeling from say the space hulk board game maps, the pc game and possibly films.

                  (Wanna see wolfe get sucked into space )


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                    I feel you. I don’t know what it is with me and space ships, its probably borderline perverse. I love the ambient sounds expected from them too. Those engine/air conditioning kind of background sounds. Like in the Alien Swarm tutorial, that’s what I’m talking about!! Maybe I should look into UT2004/AS mapping thoroughly.

                    What can I say, I’m a sucker for detail.
                    Btw, that dawn of war game looks great!

                    Sleep tight. And don’t let the bedbugs bite.