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  • tactics and teamwork

    This is just a couple tactics I've picked up so far. Feel free to add your own.

    Some missions you need to rush, and some you need to be slow and deliberate. In rescue, you need to rush ALOT. In salvage(I think thats the one), you need to be slow and deliberate. If you rush, aliens will not only be dropping infront of, and on top of you, but also behind. When you see aliens dropping on top of you, back pedal untill they are dropping infront of you. Don't forget to keep someone in the rear, there's always a straggler or two behind you no matter what you do.

    Basicaly, when there are lots of small rooms with doors, you should rush (closing doors behind you). When there are lots of large rooms or long hallways with few doors, you need to go slow and make sure you kill everything.

    When the fighting starts, try to find a place you can just stand a fire away. If you are running around alot you are doing something arong. This also reduces friendly fire, since everyone isn't running around like a headless chicken right into your line of fire.

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    My friends and I have a primary formation that we always use that seems to be maximally effective:

    My brother (Wolfe) and myself (Wildcat) are side by side up fromt with autoguns. It works well having two because we use half the ammo and while one of us reloads the other can cover. I usually carry an ammo bag and health kit while my bro carries ammo bag and stim packs.

    Another friend (Conrad) plays either right behind us watching our backs (because autoguns are slow to turn around) with an assault shotty or up ahead setting off the triggers for us. He usually carries incendary mines for containment situations. He may also carry a sentry or ammo.

    Then we usually have Flynn playing middle with a P-rifle, welder and ammo bag; Faith behind him with akimbo pistols and dual medi-satchels; and Jaeger watching the rear with a standard rifle + flashlight (and he usually packs a sentry). Sometimes Flynn moves up with the autogunners, or sometimes watches rear with Jaeger..he's kinda the floater, but his primary goal is to cover Faith.


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      3 ammo bags? You don't have to hold the trigger down all the way through the game you know.


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        Actually we usually have two it just depends on who's carrying what. But yeah, on some levels we do carry 3, and we've been playing on normal so they requie more bullets to kill than on easy.

        Plus, with the autoguns taking point, we go through ammo pretty quick, and each ammo bag only caries one autogun clip.


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          when me and my friends play, we usually have ..
          1 Autogunner leading the front, flynn behind him,medic behind him, and jeager wiht flamethrower and mines in the rear guarding in the back.
          if we have an extra we get another autogunner in the front/center of the pack.
          works good if everyone does their job and uh.. doesnt suck


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            Yeah, i have problems with rescue because almost nobody wants to rush through it unless i tell them to. This of course leads to them dying against nearly endless waves of aliens.


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              Yeah the trick is to identify if an alien spawner is infinite or finite. Not only can you waste all your ammo shooting an infinite wave of bugs, it's also a hint from the level designer that this is not a necessary place to be hanging around so you should keep on moving.

              A good tactic is to identify alien triggers. More often than not they are when you start to hack something, so make sure your team is all in place to cover before you begin a hack.


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                I was thinking of writing a quick guide for levels because people don't know what to do. I've had people going around in circles lost, and people just sitting in endless waves, or running around like lunatics. If people are doing inexperienced things I usually tell them to play the first two levels single player. But they just call me a noob and tell me to piss off.