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  • Time Attack!

    Seems like people are getting used to this mod, and are already craving new content. So I propose a little contest to give us all a new challenge. I call it time attack.

    Here are the rules (edited)
    You beat a level on normal difficulty or higher as fast as you can without losing any marines, and the person with the fastest time wins. Show screenshots of the "Scores" page with everyones stats as proof of completion.

    Time Attack Ranking:
    All marines alive
    Normal Difficulty or Higher

    There weren't enough times to make a separate list for single and co-op so I just combined them all.

    Reactor Core: Normal
    1:28 - Rapido, yoca
    1:54 - XHydralisk

    Reactor Core : Hard
    1:34 - Rapido, yoca
    2:16 - XHydralisk

    Rescue: Normal
    4:13 - Rapido
    4:15 - XHydralisk

    Barracks: Normal
    1:20 - Rapido, Axlite
    1:35 - XHydralisk
    1:59 - Teh-Builder, Omega, Dalai, Dusker

    Salvage: Normal
    5:25 - XHydralisk
    5:27 - Rapido

    Observation: Normal
    4:13 - Rapido
    4:33 - XHydralisk

    Uplink: Normal
    3:52 - Rapido, Jesta
    4:49 - XHydralisk

    Research: Normal
    2:15 - Rapido

    Reactor Core 1:27 - Gogge ~20mb
    Reactor Core 1:59 - XHdyralisk ~30mb

    Now let's see some crazy times!
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    Nice. You should probably now try and do the same with Difficulty Normal.

    That should probably be the default in this sort of contests, too, since that's what you need to use to unlock stuff with speedruns.
    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      sorry for the big image in the first post.

      anyway, I didn't even know this game had unlockables! So I tried it on the normal difficulty and I suprised myself with an even faster time (and everyone's alive too)!

      I challenge anyone to beat this time 2:33 on normal difficulty on reactor core.

      BTW the uber mode is so fun too!


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        I gotta admit, that's really quick for single player.
        Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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          Originally posted by xhydralisk
          sorry for the big image in the first post.
          No problem.

          Btw, that's one hell of a time attack.


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            Weirdly, your "best time" is probably a time you failed the mission.

            Might want to look into that, Dalai. :p


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              I second that, my best time for level one is about 40 seconds; accidentally set my guys on fire once


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                You unlocked "Uber mode", I'll have to try this, how many marines do you have to take? do you have to take 4?
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                  Anyway, you made a grave mistake picking a time attack with me. I happen to be one of those people that think "outside the box."

                  You can't beat 2:15 on Normal. I don't care how many of your own marines you slaughter to further your own goals; you just can't do it!

                  Leave Wildcat alone though, her pixels are sexy.


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                    Hehe Salsa, I know how you did that, really cunning
                    Although xhydralisk's time without any marine deaths is quite impressive.
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                      I know how ya did, too :p
                      my time was 2:23, but i just wanted to unlock those أ¼ber mode


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                        Ive done it n just over 2 mins on reactor, but w/ only 1 marine so I could unlock all the modes :p
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                          Just one marine? Christ At least you don't get any traffic jams...

                          Are there any shortcuts except for the one in the reactor room out? Like that earlier broken door?


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                            Played for 5 hours and couldn't beat it

                            I am going nuts here, I played the reactor level for literally about 5 hours tonight, first with a co-op partner with 2 marines each, then with 4 coop partners all with one apiece. We could not beat it! How you guys are getting these times is beyond me.


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                              You can sneak out the back way of the reactor room; I think there's another shortcut tho...
                              Last edited by modetwo; 1 Jun 2004, 06:47 AM. Reason: Added spoiler tags ;-)