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  • Line of sight idea

    Would it be possible to use triggers to turn all the lights behind closed doors 'off', so you can't see anything back there? As it is, you can count the aliens building up behind a welded door (for instance). It'd probably need a whole pile of triggers to work. What does everyone think?

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    I wouldnt stick around to long and count them, you might be in for a big suprise


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      Maybe this would make a good unlockable option. So you can only hear the aliens not in your marine's direct line of sight. It could mean more intense gameplay
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        Yeah it'd add immensely to the atmosphere and tension; but its likely quite difficult (not that I'm the chief of uscript )

        And I'm always counting! 'two aliens' ... 'four now'... etc etc. Lets everyone know. Wish there was some 'door status' thing tho; like the door slowly being forced open when its about to collapse, so everyone get a bit of warning (realistically, there'd be plently of visible damage and tearing to show how damaged it is, but slowly opening would work well enough)