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Fire mines are great :)

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  • Fire mines are great :)

    Well, been playing this mod for a few days, and I have to say, it's incredibly polished and excellently made. AS is a really, really fun game, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for it

    Sadly I'm restricted to playing single player at the mo since I'm behind a firewall and no one else here at uni has yet d/l'd AS, though hopefully that'll change soon. But in the mean time, I've been merriyl blasting my way through the single player levels, and today just had my first taste of how awesome the fire mines are I'd been stuck on the warehouse mission, since I usually lost someone right at the end while waiting for the dropship, and had tried all sorts of set-ups. Then I thought I'd give the mines a go, and damn, they're awesome! Teamed with a sentry gun and my squad in a good defensive set-up, it went from quite hard to incredibly easy, sitting back and watching aliens roast on an open fire

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    You could open the firewall. (Or make a tunnel to tunnel through http if you know how.)


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      yep, they are great, i mostly play jeager, grab a flamethrower,ammo pack,and fire mines (and i have my lvl5 fire proof armor *chuckles evilly*) so i cover the rear when i play with friends, plant mines, then burn anything else that tries to sneak up on us.
      plus i love vents, cuz the volumetric fire rushing down vents frying everything owns


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        does the explosive marine's fire armor totally protect them from flame throwers and fire mines?


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          try it and see

          If you are in a hurry to level up a marine, try starting a new campaigh and running the first mission with only one soldier

          8 EXP points all for himself


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            I rarely see these used online (I dont think I've ever ever seen them used properly) except for my friend. We were trying to do the williams rescue mission with just the two of us (one marine each) but we kept running out of ammo. She tries fire mines just for giggles and we totally dominated it. If you are working together on a plan and know where to set the mines, they are irreplacable. She got 113 unassisted kills.
            Fuzzle was killed by Player.
            Player: is FF on?


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              Not using them is a mistake alot of people make.

              Not only do they cover your back, they also helps stop attacking bugs when you are in places that gets attacked. Both by killing them, but also by lightning them up.


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                and about the explosives experts fire proof armor, YES you can have another marine stand there with a flamethrower and toast your buns and it doesnt hurt, but if you lay a fire mine and walk through it THEN it takes a small bit of hp from you, i think thats like doing friendly fire to yourself tho. Probably if another explosives marine sets fire mines and you walk through theirs it might not hurt them, ill have to test it out


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                  Yeah, the flame thrower proof thing is nice, but i was kind of hoping that it made me immune to my own mines which would be very nice. oh and messing around in campain with my explosives marine who has maybe 4 stars in health, he took quite a bit of damage. I think he was able to walk through an activated fire mine about 4 or 5 times before being killed.

                  This would be a great ability to have since the most common friendly fire is... well, fire heh. The only problem is that you can't play campain with strangers since all of the marines die and any group good enough to get your explosives guy to 5 stars in explosives is going to be good enough not to shoot you with their flame throwers.