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  • Techy Skill points

    after completing several missions a trend apeared.

    autogunners avaerage 2/3 points for killing stuff
    2 for medics / explosive guys
    1 for the techy.

    techies always end up with the welding tourch (mostly) and i think they should get a more of a reward IMO

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    strange i always got 2 for every char.


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      This is a minor irritation with me as well, in general I find the autogunners and explosive experts get obscene amounts of experience, whereas medics and techs tend to get only one star in most cases, this is especially apparent in cases where medics take only a pistol (though they still tend to be low on experience with normal weapons) and techs are hacking and burning through doors.

      I was hoping for additional experience from healing/sealing doors/hacking, or in another case... simply scaling the experience you get based on your class (though I dislike this method as it still remains focused on kills only), or finally some combination of the two.

      -experience based on around 28 hours of gameplay in an online environment, details may vary in solo play-

      As an additional point I have also noticed in some cases that autogunners have returned to an infinite spawn or wandered away from the group for a long period of time to rack up kills and thus experience, as a first suggestion I would like to put forward that a maximum experience cap be placed on spawns that create aliens indefinately, where after a certain amount of aliens are killed from such spawners no further experience can be gained, in these cases you should be discouraged from staying in the same place anyway. No doubt a property will be required for these spawners wherein a mapper can manually set an experience limit.
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        Every mission completed gives 8 stat points TOTAL.
        This means that marines get stats depending on how many marines are alive, and if the stats cant be distributed evenly, the ones with the most kills(Experience) gets it.

        1 Marine: 8 points
        2 Marines: 4 points each
        3 Marines: Two with most kills get 3 points, the third gets 1.
        4 Marines: 2 points each


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          Well, in that case I believe the system could do with a slight rethink as it pretty much guarantees that medics and techs will not get any extra point ever, add to this the fact that in some cases it is extremely easy to win all three accuracy medals as an explosives expert (or two as a weapons expert).

          A few moments ago I acquired IAF Combat Honors, Iron Sword and Iron Hammer for a single mission using the explosives expert and assault shotgun, other classes can find the last two awards rather difficult to attain (though in the case of the minigun guy, only the Iron Sword proves much of a challenge), especially due to the fact that you have to use plain weapons (with no autoaim) for one of them.

          Not forgetting the other medals of course...
          For the medics special award: I have failed to see anyone acquire the Silver Halo so far (in fact it's rather rare to even see a blood halo in my experience).
          -edit- I do wonder why medics don't recieve this skill point bonus for blood halo anyway, it seems most of the kill related medals all get the bonus at the lowest level (with the higher tier medals doing nothing). -This is now fixed!
          Both 'perfect' and 'gunfighter' require practically the same effort no matter what class you are, so I won't include these in the comparison.

          Tech marines recieve no special tech award to compensate.

          What this means in the end is that the explosives and weapons experts recieve stat points much quicker than the other two classes, in most cases medics and tech will not acquire the combat honours award until after several missions and a lot of effort is required for either to achieve the Iron Hammer or Iron Sword awards.

          Then you go and add in the fact people with high kills recieve the spare stat point and suddenly it seems the stat distribution balance is a little bit off

          As I don't like to leave a reply without a suggestion for remedy I would suggest that any spare stat points are randomly assigned to any player, or that you devise a new system wherein healing, sealing doors, and other less kill-based class actions take a role in the decision. In addition it may be required that some additional medals be devised which would be easier to acquire by techs and medics and harder to acquire by explosive and weapon experts.

          Too many times have I seen medics and techs on larger servers stuck with their one point to stick on the special skills while others recieve two and bonuses.
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            The thing is that all the other guys gets all those cool bonuses. Kill enough bugs to get more accuracy, heal enough to get more healing, kill only 20 bugs to get akimbo pistols, the techie doesnt really get any neat stuff like that (yes the techie can get akimbo too, but he doesn't have much to any reason to use pistols in the first place, I consider this bonus to be for the medics). You don't get any bonuses from hacking or welding no matter how much you do it. You could say the bonus is that extra turret and a sealed door, but that's like saying the bonus for killing alot are lots of dead bugs. They still get an additional skill point for it and hackers dont.
            It would be cool if 50 or 100 kills with the techie assault rifle gave a oneshot free tech skill or something. I also feel there lacks a small bonus for level 5 tech (medics get parasite heal, explosives get flame resistant armor, techies could get a longer radar range maybe? Or some improved stun grenades?).
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              Yeah I'd like to get more experience with my tech-guy.

              I've played tech all the time now and I'm not too happy about the experience distribution. Our team's autogunners and other guys get 2, but I get 1 point _every time_.

              Annoying, since I'm doing just as important job in the team as they are.