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Difference between frag and incendiary grenades?

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  • Difference between frag and incendiary grenades?

    Well, the p-rifle's stun grenades are obviously very different to the insta-explody-death of the normal rifles, and in a very cool way too. But I'm not really seeing much difference between the incendiary grenades and the frag grenades - they both explode and kill things, just with slightly different graphics. I was expecting the incendiaries to maybe burn for a little while and thus cut off an area but they don't seem to.

    So what am I missing?

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    The techs rifles are stun grenades, just slows them down.


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      Originally posted by Reppyboyo
      The techs rifles are stun grenades, just slows them down.
      That's stated. He's asking the difference between the Incindiary and Explosive grenades.

      The only tweak I have seen between the two is the larger explosion radius of the Incindiary Grenade, and the fact the grenade has a timer (doesn't blow up on contact). The same blast radius rules seem to apply, but anything within the expanding fire ring is set on fire.
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        It exploded on impact with bugs and eggs.
        It also sets things alight quite nicely.


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          Incendiary (assault shotgun) can bounce around corners. The ones from the standard rifle can't.


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            The assault shotgun's grenades will leave several fire trails from the point where they explode. Those trails can set enemies on fire as well


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              Aha... and bouncing grenades is definitely useful in a few situations I've alerady come across.

              I'll remember that... thanks guys!