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Two ideas, perspective and movement

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  • Two ideas, perspective and movement

    I would like to see an option so that WASD movement is relative to the character's heading (like 'normal' UT movement') instead of always up/left/down/right.

    I also think it would be cool if you could move the camera to play in a first person or over-the-shoulder viewpoint.

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    I think this game is too cramped for first person, besides clicking menus and things like that will become an obstacle as you would be using your reticle for aiming alone. It might also be a balance issue, you would be able to see far beyond what was intended and shoot bugs that arent triggered yet. Not to mention that the maps have no roof and I doubt they would suddenly go back and put that in.

    And I'm not sure how you're planning on how to get the relative movement to work since your character will face where you are aiming. You could maybe make the two independent but then I think it would become confusing as it's not apparent which way your character's legs are facing until you hit forward.
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      Actually in-game menus arent really that hard to use. You should look at ... its a great mod for Half-Life and its got an in game menu and it doesnt really get in the way at all. Just my opinion on this. Not saying that im for the first person view thing. Im just saying that a menu in a first person game really isnt that hard to use.
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        Hmm, let's see...

        Download a great mod that's the product of hundreds of hours of work: Check!

        Play for a day or so: Check!

        Log onto the forums for the mod: Check!

        Immediately compare the game to another mod made for a diferent game, saying you want it more like that mod: Check!

        Ask for one of the primary unique aspects of the game to be changed back to the standard system, so that it's even more like the other mod: Check!

        You mod teams have it rough, dealing with hordes of so-called "fans". Keep it up; some of us are actually impressed by your effort, and like the end result the way it is.
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          He didnt say he wanted Alien Swarm to be more like Natural Selection, he just said the menus aren't that hard or obtrusive in a first person game. Read what he says before flaming.


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            nahhh i was just playin natural selection like .. a second ago lol, dont make alien swarm like ns, i love the top down wasd setup like it is
            if you want it to be like ns then just go play ns


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              Yeah hedge-o-matic... next time you might wanna "READ" other peoples post before just picking one a flaming it. I was simply saying that in game menus in first person shooters arent really that hard to use. You might wanna read other peoples posts before you go bashing others.

              Did i say i didnt like the mod... no i dont think so.

              Did i ask the team to change something in the game... from what i see i didnt.

              You draw your own conclusions, but you might wanna get your own facts straight next time before you make yourself look like an idiot.....again.
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                he has a point though. People do flood forums with ideas and change requests/demands.

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