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Syntek labs optical laser web :(

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  • Syntek labs optical laser web :(

    I'm stuck on the Syntek labs level, at the point where you come to the optical weapons development department and there's a criss-crossing network of lasers in one of the rooms.

    I assumed that you were supposed to carefully jump over each laser beam but I'm finding it virtually impossible to manage in with a top-down view because its so hard to tell how high the beams are and how high your jump is, so my guys keep on getting fried by the lasers if I try that. My other method of getting over was simply to bounce the toughest party member I had along, frantically jumping as fast as I could and hoping he hit the minimum number of laser beams. This worked once but since then the chosen marine keeps on perishing as he tries to hurdle his way across.

    Am I missing some clever and easy way of doing this?

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    Jumping is the right way. Take a techmarine to the terminal in the top left corner of the room. It's only 2 jumps. Let him hack and the lasers go offline.
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        Once you've gotten all your marines to left side of the room, don't forget to turn the laser back on with the switch there. But before you do, make sure you're not going to nuke your medic with one of the stray beams. *hangs head in shame*