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Ideas for you mappers + a few AS ideas...please read

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  • Ideas for you mappers + a few AS ideas...please read

    Well... i suppose you could call them ideas. All depends on how you look at them. Either ideas for new maps or recreations.

    Anyways, here we go.

    First off... A little history on a game.

    Back in... ehh i wanna say 1997 or 1998..." im not forsure, i was quite young when i played it"... There was a multiplayer game on a gameing network that some of you might well know... or have heard of. AO or a.k.a. Aliens Online. This game you could either choose to be an Alien or a Marine... "Not saying that you need to make PCA's (player contorled Aliens) just telling ya" The game ran for a quite many years and had a very good community. In 2000 it was shut down along with many other games, because EA bought out the game network "Gamestorm" Some of the games played on EA's somewhat P2P thing for awhile but AO stayed discontinued because it became very unstabled towards the end..."Mythic games had like no idea how to keep the files/code w/e arranged and everytime there was a new version it just caused more lag and pain for the players. This game and some very very interesting maps that were played. I could see these maps maybe being remade for AS because they resemble quite alot of things. Ill talk about the maps in the next section. If you would like to know more about the game click this link.***Aliens Online History***

    If you would like to know more i would click the link above since it explains the game more thoroughly. Mind the rest of the AO2 stuff... it was a mod that was being created for AvP2 but never came through.

    The Aliens Online maps

    Looking at how AS is set up. Alot or most of the maps from Aliens Online could be recreated for this map... Allthough pretty much all of the maps would be like an Alien Egg eradication, because thats what they originally were. But these maps are somewhat dark and gloomy like. When you played them they kinda had like a spooky or scarey feeling about them. They also had some vents and tunnels like the AS maps do. What i found that was really neat about the two games was the Aliens Online also had CCA's (Computer Controled Aliens) just like AS does. Though the CCA's in aliens online were dumb as a rock... im not jokeing. But none the less AO maps relate alot to how the AS maps are set up. Heres some links of a few screens from the AO maps... and a few from the [K] "Kindred" clan which also played AO and are very good friends of mine.

    Screen 1
    Screen 2
    Screen 3
    Screen 4
    Screen 5
    Screen 6
    Screen 7
    Screen 8
    Screen 9
    Screen 10
    Screen 11
    Screen 12
    Screen 13
    Screen 14
    Screen 15
    Screen 16
    Screen 17
    Screen 18
    Screen 19
    Screen 20
    Screen 21
    Screen 22
    Screen 23
    Screen 24
    Kindred SS 1
    Kindred SS 2
    Kindred SS 3
    Kindred SS 4
    Kindred SS 5
    Kindred SS 6

    Heh, lol i think thats about enough for ya. Next ill talk about alikes and differences.

    Alikes and differences

    Theres some stuff that are different between to two such as PCA's in the game. Queens on every map. AS being a Top down game and AO being a first person shooter.

    Dispite the differences theres alot thats in commen between the two. The CCA's in the map... the marines against the aliens.. lol.. the motion tracking. hives. Interesting and fun maps.

    Even though AO was a first person shooter and AS is a top down shooter. Im forsure that the maps from AO could be recreated for AS and make a nice addition to it.

    Well since you cant do much with just a few screenshots of the maps, ive got the game client for download if any of you are wanting to take a stab at this. I will also have instructions on how to get the game started. Since it was with a network of games its got a kind of a weird way of running it. So your going to have to adjust a few things to play it.

    The game.

    heres the link if any of you are interested in trying to map some of these levels.

    Aliens Online Client

    ***Sorry link isnt working... If your wanting to try mapping some of these E-mail me at : [email protected] or catch me on AIM : bigbri1420 ... until i can find a new place to host the file... If i can.

    Link should work but im not forsure.

    Heres the instructions to run the game.
    ************************************************** ***
    Directions for Playing Offline S.C.A.R.E.

    Thanks to Ravenlot who was the person that figured out how to play offline...

    Here's what you have to do:
    1 ) Go into your Aliens Online root directory and find the file named "main.dat".
    2 ) Open main.dat in Notepad and look for the heading "[socket]". Under that, you'll see some protocol listings.
    3 ) Change "protocol=aries" to ";protocol=aries" (adding the semi-colon prefix). Now add "protocol=single" under ";protocol=aries" for newer versions (if older versions already have this, just take off the ; in front of protocol=single). Save the dat file and run the game!!!

    You should be able to explore all of the levels from the outset, with all weapons available. However, you may encounter occasional bugs such as some doors not opening and lifts getting stuck. As for enemies, there are quite a few AI bots present (Aliens, Marines, Queens, Facehuggers etc., depending on which race you play) - so you should have something to blast.
    ************************************************** ***

    Welp... Hope you guys take these map ideas into consideration.

    Thanks for you time.
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    I used to play that a lot. It was quite fun except the sides were a bit unbalanced once marines leveled up a bit.


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      Balancing wasent too big of a deal... but like if your talking about the marine ranks. I suppose they could have got unbalanced. But i was pretty much to young to remember any of that and i was an alien most of the time.

      Oh btw people... Sorry about the download link... i just noticed that the place where i am hosting the file wont let anyone download it anymore.... yeah its pretty gay. Until im able to find a new place to host the file... or if i find a new place at all... please please E-mail me:: [email protected] or catch me on AIM :: Bigbri1420

      Im hopeing you mappers out there like this because i think these maps recreated and tweaked a little be would be great.
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        Wow, I've always wanted to try out this game. I downloaded the file successfully, but it won't install on 2k/XP. Any chance you could .rar up your install of it?


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          Dang that game looks cool, pity i missed out

          Can you still get a copy to play offline for nostalgia, or even run your own server


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            Shame I can't seem to find the file. I gotta say though that Alien GUI KICKS ASS!


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              Nevermind, I figured out how to get it running. Awesome!


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                !!!! Tell Me! please me wanna play it bad


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                  Go to the webpage that that file is hosted on and click the link there, then get a Wise decompiler to extract all the files from the installer, then run the .bat to install it.


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                    Here is a link to the torrent for the game, the installer is removed using the method explained by Dalai, and the MAIN.DAT is modified as Tak3r described so you can actually play it.

                    The game is ZIP'ed.

                    Aliens Online Client Torrent

                    More info on the game and screenshots


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                      Hmm... didnt think many people would know what im talking about .. Glad to see that some people are still interested in older games. You cant do much on aliens... actually ive never been able to get the aliens side to work offline. But the marines you can run around and shoot ya up some alien scum.

                      Oh and Gretik im sorry to say but your not able to run servers with AO... they had a special program to run this. The kindred and lots of the [K]'s friends have tried... and oh have we triend to make a server but there is just no luck. There was a guy that got a LAN server to run. From what i know he spent days trying to figure out how to get it to work and your OS has to be able to run a certain way or something for you to even get it to work. But you can play it offline in the S.C.A.R.E. Section. Hell in marines you can even create your own character... Though you arent able to rank up at all.

                      All of the old AO players love Aliens Online to death. But sad to say there hasent been any luck in bringing the old game back. The [K] Did trying making a total conversion for the AvP2 (Aliens Versus Predator 2) Game. But without the source code from fox... which by the way they released for a few ours than withdrew it... the modification was unable to continue. The AO2 team did accomplish quite a landmark without the source code. Saturn "AO2 Project leader" Did about a week ago release what they had done with the mod to the public. It looks quite cool for what they did without the source. But im quite afraid that it wont be continueing, sice we dont have the code and all.

                      Sine this looks like a quite promiseing MOD for UT2K4 i was just seeing if i could squeeze a part of AO into it. Maybe give the mappers something cool to recreate.

                      Anyways i hope you have fun with the old game. I always had fun when i played it when it was still running. Even though i dont remember to much since i was young when i started playing it.

                      Oh, well.

                      Thanks for the comments, and i hope that some of you mappers still might.

                      [EDIT] Oh yeah i just realized something else that reminded me of AO when i played AS. Is the camera system and how it works. It worked almost like yours does. Excepts you could view the cameras while you were alive if you were in a fireteam... and how the screens on yours went to static when the marine dies... it did the same thing on AO. o_0

                      [EDIT... again] lol haha... just noticed some "ELSE" that reminded me of AO. AS has like a stagging room before you go on your mission quite like AO did... Cool stuff... just thought i might point this out.
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                        Originally posted by Tak3r
                        Balancing wasent too big of a deal... but like if your talking about the marine ranks. I suppose they could have got unbalanced. But i was pretty much to young to remember any of that and i was an alien most of the time.
                        At higher ranks, marines had vast amounts of hit points and did tons of damage. God forbid they have a smart-gun which not only does high damage but tracks as well.

                        I was an empress myself, but i also had a sort of high rank marine (no sg for me, i was a motion detector user heh). An empress was about equal to a high ranking marine in my opinion. if she engages the marine from any sort of range, she is killed. If she surprises them, she can generally win.

                        I think AS is very similar to AO myself. All they need to do is find some way to let players control aliens and then it will just be a top down version.


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                          True bob. But im not wanting them to completely change the whole mod... just seeing if anyone was interested in maps.

                          Hope you guys enjoed playing the old AO game... it used to be alot of fun, and just playing scare doesnt give it the justice it deserves. But as i can see i guess noone is interested in these map ideas... guess you mappers would like to makes somethin original.
                          I have been thinking though about an idea or two. Not saying that you guys need to change anything because you guys are on a good track as you are. Just some ideas that poped into my head.

                          This will relate to the Friendly Fire
                          I got this idea of how it was in AO... no i compare alot of stuff to AO, just realized that im not trying to make AS transform into AO or anything, its just that they relate quite alot and AO did have some good ideas.

                          Allright, here i go. Pertaining to the friendly fire issue, which i haven't really got a problem with friendly fire... just have got an idea at how to trim it down a bit. This idea does not deal with turning the friendly fire off or tuneing it down where it doesnt do as much or doing reflect damage. Its totally different.
                          Aliens Online had friendly fire, just like Alien Swarm does. But AO had it set/made a way so that when you were in a group with your marines you wouldent end up blasting your buddys head off next to you. Every gun in AO was friendly fire... Pulse rifle, Pulse grenades, flame thrower, smart gun, grenades and mines... EXCEPT the shotgun and the pistol. If you've noticed in AS people don't really use the shotgun(s) because of the massive FF they cause or many people useing the pistol, or from what ive seen people dont. What if you were to keep the friendly fire all the same except on the shotgun(s) and the pistol and make the two like "SQUAD FRIENDLY WEAPONS" or whatever... basically saying that the two wouldent do any damage. People then might salvage one of they're slots so that they could get a squad friendly weapon on tight maps where the space gets small.
                          Just think about it. How man times have you been reloading your weapon with maybe low life and you dont see an alien come up to you and it starts attacking you... well your friend really cant do much because he doesnt know if the alien has been shot or what life it has... so inless he shoots just the exact ammout then hes going to save your ass from the alien but at the same time waste you in the process because of accidential Friendly Fire. If there was maybe 1 or 2 squad friendly weapons... just even the pistol would work... then maybe you would have been able to save that marine from dieing and or be able to help cover your team better without worrying to much.
                          I cant see where some people would disagree because then people would be just blind fireing everywhere. But if you think about it the shotty(s) have a fairly slow rate of fire and then pistol only shoots 1 bullet at a time, and they both have fairly small ammo clips. So that should keep people from just fireing out their ass to take someones kill or to just shoot anything that moves.

                          I hope the AS team likes my idea and maybe considers it into a version of AS in the future... This isnt just an idea that i pulled out of my ass in a couple of minutes... ive been thinking about this for a few days now and it seems that this could work... but its up to the AS team to decide that.

                          Oh well, thanks for reading my idea.
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                            There wasn't tking in ao because to advance to the higher ranks required you to have under a certain amount of friendly kills. There are also a lot more area effect weapons in AS.