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Alien Swarm Pickup Games [Update!]

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  • Alien Swarm Pickup Games [Update!]

    #Swarm.Pickup on Qnet is now fully functional!

    The channel is designed for ppl who want organised games of Alien Swarm with like minded people without all teh stress of getting together a good group of people to play and a good server to play on, we've done that for you!

    We recently recieved 'Official channel' status from the AS team and also got sponsored by who have gratiously supplied us with 2 servers for the pickup channel!

    Swarm.Pickup #1 runs Single Missions while Swarm.Pickup #2 runs Campaign's

    Around 40 users in the channel at the moment bug blasting as we speak!

    Very easy to use system, just join the channel and type:

    !add <class>

    where <class> is the 1st letter of the player class you would like to be during the game eg.

    !add M

    Will add you as a Medic ( W = Weapons Specialist, T = Tech and E = Explosives )

    Come on down and join the bugapalooza in #Swarm.Pickup on
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    #Swarm.Pickup on -=Official Alien Swarm Pickup Channel Powerd by
    #UTSkills on

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    #Swarm.Pickup on -=Official Alien Swarm Pickup Channel Powerd by
    #UTSkills on


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      I'll make an effort to stop by.
      Important posts: Loadout screen:Scoreboard:Tutorial:Voicechat:Grenade aim:Upgrade points:Auto-reload
      - Kalias


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        This may sound bad, but.....

        While I am a GAME expert, all other aspects of the internet elude my attention.

        If some one could explain how to join this channel I would be very greatfull

        but remmeber explain as you would to a child. even though im a 24 year old X army combat vet. LOL


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          IRC Tutorial should help you along m8 =]

          Sorry I shouldve included it into the origonal post.

          Still w8n for this thread to be made sticky

          #Swarm.Pickup on -=Official Alien Swarm Pickup Channel Powerd by
          #UTSkills on


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            Looks like you made it in tho tinygod, played a game with you earlier today. Good to play with someone that has an actual plan (and mike!)
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              YAY YAY.

              I figured it out lol. Just took a bit.

              FOR OTHERS

              qnet = quakenet server

              channel is : swarm.pickup

              simple as that


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                Yea you should really put the whole irc server address in


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                  I have also made a IRC Guide but yous will do for now....

                  Also, Exclusive to that channel, Im making a Unofficial Guide to AlienSwarm for n00bies to have a look and understand the game!

                  Also, Im available for Pick ups so dont hesitate to visit now
                  Creater of the Unofficial 'n00blets guide to AlienSwarm' Available here: CLICK MA!


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                    Since nobody else bothered, here's an actual link to the channel:

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                      Excellent idea. I'll surely be visiting this channel tonight to get some pugs going.

                      I'm growing tired of the pub players, but every once in awhile I'll run across a patient and skilled group. I was in a completely random group of 6 last night.... but everyone acted and played great. We walked most of the time...kept formations... and worked as a team. I was amazed at how easily we finished the mission.

                      These are the kind of groups I'm looking for... and then dive into the realm of "hard" and "insane" difficulties.


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                        Originally posted by PoweredBySoy
                        These are the kind of groups I'm looking for...
                        ... and those are the kinds of groups you'll find in #Swarm.Pickup.


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                          Oh the irony. The other kind of groups you will find are teamkilling friendly fire death match players where it takes you 20 tries to reach Williams and on Salvage you never get out of the door. I can't even believe the game I was just in.


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                            Ye...Pickup was great... Damn ye elves and dwarfs for stealing meh cookies!


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                              Pickup is either pretty good or simply terrible