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  • Ye Olde List of Ideas

    I'll try to keep my far-fetched ideas to a minimum. I know how it must be to have a vision of what the game will be like and then someone comes along and says you need to add all this crap to it. These are just ideas for you developers to look at.

    -Few new guns, like a Grenade Launcher and a stronger, lower rate of fire assault rifle.
    -Marines always have a pistol which doesn't use up and slots.
    -Inclusion of Body Armor to health. Body armor absorbs 10/20/30/40/50% damage for each star into it. Body Armor amount is equivalent to total HP. Body armor can be repaired by someone with a welding gun.
    -More animations to aliens.
    -A new alien. My idea: an alien that can jump and/or leap. This would finally give some use to being able to crouch.
    -Bosses on some maps! I loved the uplink boss. Need more!
    -Ammo types. Explosive - more damage less rate of fire. Normal - Normal damage, higher rate of fire.
    -Melee weapons (that are actually useful).
    -New class of marines: recon. Would basically function as a baiter - runs into an area and draws out aliens back to the fireing line. Special equipment would be equivalent of bait for animals. When placed, some aliens who would otherwise attack you would move to it. Probably some high-tech alien pheromone emitter.
    -Ability to see the equipment of the marine you are observing.
    -Microphone communication would show Player name, and Marine name when talking.
    -Poison gas grenades. Function like the nuclear waste, except it slows aliens down too.
    -New maps that would take place on terrain, like battles on ground the entire map.
    -Bullet trails on everygun, including the assault rifles.
    -Checkpoints on maps that function as the halfway save-point (single player only).
    -More common behemoths. They are too easy to kill for how rare they are.

    Add your ideas here instead of scattered throughout threads.

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    Gareth "Arr Matey" Flynn needs a pirate theme. Instead of that wussy eyepatch, have a black one with straps, and instead of a helmet, a stereotypical three-cornered hat.

    New voices to match his new theme too, such as "Shoot me again and you'll be swabbing the deck tomorrow!" and when a something is picked up on the scanner, "Avast! A bug off the starboard bow!!"


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      Your recon class isn't needed. Those features would be better added to the tech marine in my opinion.