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  • Get stuck at tutorial

    I was in the "positioning" part of the turotial. It asks me to put 3 marines, one at each white spot, and then point at the arrow.

    Where are the white spots? What arrow? (does it mean the rocket?)

    Any help will be welcomed.


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    Make sure you have Projectors turned on in the graphics settings, otherwise I don't think they show up.


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      While we're on the subject, make sure everyone has a gun, if you get it working. It's easy to forget to give Faith a rifle.


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        Ok, since we are on the subject, what other option should I turn on?


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          bananaman? Any relation to ahl_bananamans?
          Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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            Dynamic lights should be on too, else you won't see flares and suchlike.


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              Hmm. If you seriously can't see the arrows, maybe this'll help that one spot...
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                Or you could just forget it. As long as you understand that AI marines generally shoot only in the direction they're facing (they'll turn around if they're getting chomped on), you're good. The tutorial ends right after that section.


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                  Ah thats why I couldnt see the spots Got it by trial and error in the end.
                  Played with my settings last night and my P4 2.5 Ghz with TI 4600 can cope with ALL options maxxed
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                    Add projectors work!

                    You guys are awesome. Thanks again...

                    I now turn all option on...

                    For the ones that have low to high settings, I choose low for all of them. I really don't think turning, say, "characters detail" on high makes any differences what so ever. Am I crazy?

                    What does fog distance do? Should I care?


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                      turn up brightness and gamme too to make the game much more enjoyable in those nasty dark corridors
                      some places will still be pitch black