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Campain idea, attention Makers of Alien Swarm

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  • Campain idea, attention Makers of Alien Swarm

    Hello people.
    Ok, i have some ideas, for some maps, as a old Space Hulk player ^^.

    My idea is to make a small campain(with quite some misions), where the player is ALL ALONE(so u can only select ONE marine), and the player should be FORCED to keep that one marine throught the whole campain. How can i do that? And how to make it possible that the game shows a new custom campain in the "select new campain" screenie?

    You know, i want to do something like, player IS able to change the EQUIPPEMENT BEVORE he/she starts a mission, but he can NOT change the CHARACTER. I want to make it like, that the marine squad died in the beginning, but for one . . . the players marine. Then i want that there are serval occasions to get extra ammo or other items . . . depending on what character class the player plays(so its a challenge to beat the Campain with every character class once ).

    Lets see. One last thing i not like(i should say i HATE it)about this Modification is the Normal Shot Gun("Model 35 Pump-action Shot Gun"). I would make it, that it has AS MUCH rounds as the Assault Shot Gun("M42 Assault Shot Gun"), which has 14 rounds and 5 Clips and 6 Grenades instead the Normal Shot Gun that only has 3 rounds with 8 Clips(but the normal Shot Gun not has grenades :p ).
    Make the normal Shot Gun have as much rounds and clips like the Assault Shot Gun, OR AT LEAST give it the half of the Assault Shot Gun, like 7 rounds with 10 clips, becouse then it would be a good choice for all Marines other then the Explosives experts. The way it is right NOW, i rather prefer either a normal Assault Rifle or a Flamer, no matter WHAT Marine i play. The Shot Gun SUX, it has a slow fire rate, few ammo and is compared to the other weapons . . . just junk.

    You should not forgett, a Assault Rifle is the standart weapon, it is good in nearly every situation. The Flamer is a weapon, that kills with one hit all the "Buzzers", "Snake Parasites", "Adults" and "Eggs" with ease, but it also needs some time until the Aliens die(they need to burn to ashes), and thus they can still attack you(which is a good drawback), not to forgett the qualities for a nice TeamKill(LOL)in addition with a AmmoBag(i not know why, but IF i hit someone with it, it HAS to be the only guy in team with the ammo bag, weird . . . LOL). The Shot Gun could be a great variation for the Marines, if it holds more rounds and has more magazines(so that you get as much rounds with every magazine then the Assault Shot Gun). Hmm . . . a normal Shot Gun(the real thing)can have like 6-7 rounds in it i think, so the marines have a very cheap, old and rusty one, i presume

    Anyway, thats "it", the things i wanted to say here, Greetings for the Great Game, ~Momoka~