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flashlight- not bright at all? also suggestions for team controls

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  • flashlight- not bright at all? also suggestions for team controls

    ok, so this has to be the most unique and coolest mod for ut2k4. so, after no more than 1hr of playing the game (hard as hell), i got my roomate to play it on his pc. now, he has a gfmx400, and i have a 9700.. my flashlights look like the focus ring of the flashlight.. but that is about it.. his flashlights look like real flashlights.. a bright beam with the focus ring in the middle of it. i tried adjusting all my settings for detail to as high as possible, and still get no love. anyone else see this? bug or design? either way, one of our systems is not doing something right, and i pray its mine, cuz his flashlights look HOT.

    suggestion time- AI pathing aside, unit control can be a bit too generic. example- you control 1 player, while the rest of your squad follows suit. that is well and good, until you give them a hold order.. then they are all bunched up. i would suggest giving an indicator on the player list on the top right that shows where your current orders start. each order that is given is accepted per player that you control. after you give an order to your first player, the indicator moves down to the next controled character. so, say you are running passed a door.. you can have all your team follow you, and hit the hold position button twice quickly and there you have it- instant door coverage while moving on to the next position.

    this would probably make alot more sense if you have played freedom fighters..

    but ya.. i am firmly addicted to this game now

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    Did you have projectors switched on? (It's in display settings.)


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      ya, projectors is on. if i disable it, the focus ring is gone too.


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        I think he's referring to the fact that the flashlight doesn't actually generate any light. Since moving dynamic lights were used for flares, you'd expect to see them here too :/

        If you want to see an example of some very well done moving dynamic lights, check out the UnWheel mod. The headlights are sweet *hint hint AS devs*
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          This may sound daft but do u have a flash light as the models have a small light coming out any way. When you add the flash light as equipment you get teh larger cone. probably not the case but a thought.


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            That's what we're talking about... the actual flashlight item that projects the "beam" image on the ground doesn't actually light anything up. Try using one in a completely black area, it doesn't help visibility at all. In fact, it's rather strange seeing the beam on the ground without it lighting anything up. Flares do light things up though. Quite strange indeed O_o
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              I also seem to be suffering from this problem.
              It was strange moving around the dark area on the second level, with no actual illumination from the flashlight. Just the beam on the ground.

              Still, top mod
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                actually, I belive that the flash light isnt meant to ILLUMINATE, rather SPOT LIGHT.

                flares are for lumination.

                flashlights increase accuracy, by adding a bit of AUTO gun action to your machine gun

                IE: anything that is IN the spot light that your FLASH LIGHT makes is auto targeted when you fire.

                atleast this is how I understand it.

                as for why your friends looks different NO clue. Does your card support Dynamic Lighting??

                PS: QUOTE: " when all else fails, Reinstall" lol


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                  Flares: shoots a little bolt of light that sticks to the ground and gives a little bit of light around. this gives a little bit of autoaim in that lightspot

                  Flashlight like every marine has standard is that little (like 2cm long) beam of light coming from your shoulder that doesnt actually give any light.

                  Flashlight as extra equipment piece should give a cone of light in front of you (like 6-7 cm long and 2-3 cm wide).

                  so if you are totaly sure that you took the additional flashlight as extra equipment (1 of the 3 items you are carrying along) then you should get a clear cone of light (like near the end in campaign level 2: rescue. the dark area where you could activate the 3th turret: storage room 4 i think)
                  if you dont got that then it seems that you got a graphical problem (dynamic lighting as mentioned above? or try new drivers)


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                    The flashlight as optional equipment doesn't generate any light. The beam you see on the ground is a projector: a simple static texture. It doesn't actually illuminate the level at all. Take a look at the flares and you'll see a distinct field of light on the ground around them. The flashlight doesn't have any light at all.

                    It doesn't have to be terribly bright of course. Just bright enough to illuminate what the beam falls on so you can at least get your bearings in those totally dark areas like in the second mission. Besides, a flashlight that just paints a picture of a beam on the ground doesn't make a whole lot of sense

                    I'm glad to say this is my only complaint about the mod though. Top-notch job
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                      The problem with a true illuminating spotlight is that it would shine straight through walls (UT2K4's brilliant development team somehow forgot to add in a decent dynamic lighting system.... really... they actually added a worse system than they did for UT1).


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                        it seems like others are having the same problem that i am.. ill see if i can nab some screenshots off of my system and my friends.. it really is a world of difference. to answer some questions

                        yes, i am speaking of the aux equip flashlight, not the unit model flashlight.
                        yes, the flashlight does generate light (on my friends system). the dark part on the 2nd level is lit just fine by his lights.

                        see if anyone can try this, cuz i found this out last night. my flashlight works the way its supposed to, but only on very rare occasions. load up sp, 1st level with a flashlight. you will see the beam on the ground, but no extra lighting, so to speak. move down, about 10ft from the bottom railing, and move your cursor to the edge of the screen, sweeping left to right. pay attn to the piping and whatnot there.. does yours flicker brighter from time to time? mine does, and that brighter part is how my friends looks all the time. its almost like there is a range or height setting for the flashlight that is screwed up.. ah well, pls anyone let me know if you can duplicate, and ill try and nab some screenies for the devs


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                          actually if you think about it you are better of with flares than with a flashlight
                          8 flares in a pack and if you turn up your brightness a lot so the entire level aint black then those flares give a buckload of light
                          in level 2 for example you can shoot 3-4 flares to light up more than half of that extremely dark place


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                            We're not talking about how useful the flashlight is, we're just pointing out that either A) the flashlight is bugged, preventing it from generating dynamic light properly or B) it simply isn't coded to use dynamic light, which is odd since flares use it just fine.
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                              I think that the flashlight should produce light so that we don't feel like we have to turn the brightness all the way up. Plus is would look awesome!