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  • AI formations

    Top mod, very pro. Well done!

    Please add the ability to have your team move in/to a formation.

    There wouldn't need to be many: Diamond, Column and Arc should do the trick. They currently all bunch up, even in open areas.


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    Formations would be useful, since they cluster together so much, they often block doorways, or get stuck in the vents.
    The column formation could stop that, forcing your troops to move in single file, with moderate spacing between them.

    And the diamond formation would be very useful in large open areas, making all your troops faces out in opposite directions to cover you from all sides.

    Sounds like a plan to me
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      I agree 100% More often than not, you tell your marines to hold position... then an alien comes from the back and you can't frickin' shoot it coz your teammate's in the way and what happens? Your buddy gets chomped a good 3-4 times before he turns 'round and shoots the little bugger, losing 1/4 of his/her health in the process. I would also like to see a scatter formation so that your marines become spread out with the click of a button - this way they could cover many areas.


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        Take this idea from Thievery: The AI should move when you bump into them, so that you can get out of tight spots without changing your player.
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          I like this idea. Especially the diamond with guns facing outwards formation. That's the way I manually move my troops (when aliens are nearby) in AS anyway...


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            Yeah, the last guy should always be facing backwards whenever possible!



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              where can i get this mod???


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                What mod do you mean?

                Here's Alien Swarm, and here's Thievery (I saw it mentioned in one of the above posts).


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                  here s something strange that actually happened to me once
                  on the very first map with that reactor that u gotta shut down
                  when going trough the vents before the cooling valves my entire team was following me (single player, AI team)
                  when i m about to enter the cooling room to set up my sentry i notice my medic is gone
                  i switch to my medic and a while back in the vents where the parasite egg used to be he was in the black area that was supposed to be the vent roof
                  so he was actually like on top of the vents and couldnt get back into the actualy vent area to move on
                  has to reload the level after that one happened and ever since i manually move every marine trough small areas and keep one to cover the back all the time and yea its a bit of extra work to put up every marine manually but thats the entire point. you lead a team and have to control all of them manually

                  formations would make it too easy to just rush trough and u can do that already with the blind follow option without taking too much dmg. i ve done it plenty of times on the first few rounds in hallways full of those crabby soldier bugs. up front with my minigunner while the other 3 follow and shoot anything that pops up in between or in the back.

                  and i dont know if this is intentional or just luck but i noticed that when i m rushing trough like that my last guy sometimes checks his back without orders. so i think they actually cover the rear a bit. or maybe its luck that only my last guy turned around sometimes. maybe they all gotta do that. not sure.


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                    Originally posted by hamster
                    I would also like to see a scatter formation so that your marines become spread out with the click of a button - this way they could cover many areas.
                    To extrapolate on this idea, and the one posted by .ash. in his thread. When the marines spread out, they take cover, and at door way and so forth, try to set up a cross fire, to catch any aliens that charge through.

                    Although i'm not sure how much hassle that'd be. A quick scatter may be just as good, but there's no telling which way your marines will end up facing....
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                      formations is a great idea i think... someone mentioned a diamond style formation... id also like to see the ability to tell them to keep the formation *tight*(close together like back to back) or loose (spread out) so that you can adapt to different situations like maybe there are too many and all around you so you need to stay close together so you use a tight diamond formation... etc never know when it might come in handy.


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                        "you lead a team and have to control all of them manually"

                        That's not 'leading' then is it!


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                          So should the team a) introduce new content, refine existing ideas, and fix identified bugs, or b) waste time on an complex AI system that half the players will never use (ie online) and that you don't need because SP isn't really that hard (on normal). Hmm?


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                            I don't argue on forums. Life's too short.

                            I stand by my original point or I wouldn't have made it.


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                              How laudable of you. :roll: You made point thats been made by every man and his dog and aren't even willing to discuss it. Wish I had *your* moral high ground.