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Play with more than 4 marines.

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  • Play with more than 4 marines.

    Ok, stupid question:

    how do you play with more than 4 marines in multiplayer? A couple of friends and I want to play with 5, but when I was checking the server settings, it still says '4 marines left' on the roster page.

    Did I miss a setting or something?

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    Each mission has a minimum of 4 marines. If there are less players than 4 you can get a second marine to control. If there are only 2 players, one can have 3 marines and the other can have 1, etc. You get the idea.
    You only get to use 5 or more marines if there are 5 or more players.
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      Ah, you just have to connect more than 4 people to increase the marine limit? We'll try that. We just assumed it didn't support more than 4 players because you couldn't increase the limit manually.

      Maybe a nice point for a FAQ or something.