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  • Skill point gain system

    The game is a very nice mod, but I feel the current skill point system could use a bit of revision. This mod is susposed to be about teamplay so people should really thrive as a team or suffer as a team.

    Currently having one or two players with weapons designed for taking out hordes lead is a fairly good strategy. Then the others take out stragglers. However this focuses almost all of the skillpoint gain on one or two players. That medic who took two medpacs because the team needed it may gain no skill points.

    A point system where the entire squad of eight marines gains skill points evenly may work nicely. Kills, completing objectives, and doing your job all add various amounts of points. Then based on how many points were gained that mission all eight marines get the appropriate amount of skill points (even if they didn't participate.) You can still gain bonus skill points from awards, but this would allow support characters who are just as vital as the autogunner to get appropriate bonuses. Also this would help alleviate the problem of a developed marine being replaced with a sub-par marine if they die in a later mission.