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any one who cant seem to do well in online play read this!!

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  • any one who cant seem to do well in online play read this!!


    1) both auto gunners up front.


    2) medics in the middle.

    ( one right behind auto gunners to work for them)

    ( the other right infront of the rear guards to work for them)

    3) techs in the middle

    ( unless there are no exp, than they take up rear guard)

    ( if there are EXP GUYS, than they just sit in the middle and dont fire, work on welding/hacking doors and keeping aliens off the medics that get through the lines.)

    (in no situation other than the lack of explosives people should the techs carry anything but the P rifle for offensive power)

    4) Explosives in back

    ( use the flame thrower to cover the rear, YES ITS MORE POWERFULL THAN THE AUTOUNS, but its lack of range makes it more suited for stoping REAR oriented ambushes)

    (exp can also deploy their mines to the rear with no fear of FF, sence no one is behind them)

    ( EXP can also use the UBER shotty if they wish, as a secondary, but I advise carying a SENTRY GUN instead)


    At no point in the game should the front guard EVER turn around to get something that broke though the line, neither should the rear guard. The two techs in the middle, will have P rifles, which are PERFECT for picking them off with minimal FF to teamates. In a perfect world nothing will break though, but its when something does and an auto gunner panics that shit hits the fan, too many times have I seen them Swing rapidly to the rear trying to chase down that ONE fucking alien, holding the trigger the whole way lol. JESUS now thats how ff happens.

    ON a second SIDE NOTE>

    Auto gunners always STAND when firing, NEVER CROUCH

    TECHS always stand but remain BEHIND the auto gunners.

    MEDICS always CROUCH, auto gunners on a stuipd rampage will miss ou this way, as will the techs clearing off the aliens that swarm you.

    EXPLOSIVE always crouch, although with the flame I doubt it matters LOL. But you will atleast avoid friendy fire this way.

    USING THIS METHOD will significatly reduce FF, the only ones shooting a friend will be the TECHS shooting the autogunners if they have to fire forward, but if they are using the P guns than that FF will be minmal and easily fixed

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    There is no dominant strategy in Alien Swarm.
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      Originally posted by DarkBill
      There is no dominant strategy in Alien Swarm.
      Except for "Teamwork".
      I found that this game is a LOT easier with newbies who listen to you, than 8 pro's who have their own unique idea of how the mission should be accomplished.
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        too bad that theres a mix of newbies and pros all over the place so everyone eventually runs around doin their own stuff on public servers


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          A surefire strategy that works with any other tactics (except a mad dash to the exit) is when you are hurt bad, stand still!

          Weird, you say? The medic is going to have MAJOR trouble healing you if you're running all over the place, and makes it tons more likely to waste a medpack on healing herself - for 2 damage.


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            Ya theres nothing more annoying than trying to heal someone when their dodging all the place acting like an idiot. It also doesnt help when the person that needs healing is nowhere to be found.
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              Best way to quick-heal people is to keep right-clicking on their portrait and then try to get close.
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                But then your field of vision is stuck NorthEast of your location, and you're looking at the portraits, not the marines. Especially if the injured guy decides to juke to the SouthWest.


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                  That dosnt help... At all... Its all wrong...


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                    I like to reduce FF by checking my targets...

                    When I play with people I know, tactics simply flow naturally from our experiences; I'm usually in front with an assault shotgun (wish they'd just make it semi auto, grrr), autogunner close behind, with a p-rifle or flamer at the rear. Corridors aren't problems in my experience, its how the team handles corners and doors that make it... in open spaces aliens are just meat.

                    I'd like to know if anyone has good things to say about the rifle? After using the shotgun for ages, I was pretty disappointed in the rifle takedown power... the grenades are good, but they run out fast and they're not as good as flame grenades...