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replaying completed missions?

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  • replaying completed missions?

    first of all, great work with your mod!

    so my question is: is there any way you can play completed campaign missions again?*
    if yes, please tell =)

    *i don't care much for getting more medals, i'd just like to replay them in a harder difficulty setting.

    thanks in advance!

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    Start a new campaign, play at higher difficulty.


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      err... yeah thanks...

      any other suggestions?


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        you can play them in single missions where you just pick which one you want to play i think.


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          Originally posted by Blitz
          err... yeah thanks...

          any other suggestions?
          Do it with your eyes closed!

          Or better yet, try unlocking camera variations and play the map at a 270 degrees angle on insane! With your eyes closed again!


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            seriously though I think Blitz has made a valid would be great to play previous Missions whenever you felt like instead of having the only option of either "Replay Mission/Save and Proceed"

            Put it down to Nostalgic effect/Total carnage of playing the first level of campaign at higher character levels etc....

            I for one feel this is a great idea
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              Yes, it is a good idea


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                I think it would be nice if the game stored who is alive and what experience characters had at the start of each level, you could then jump back to the level in which you lost your top medic, replay the level (with the skills etc you had on that level) and at the end choose 'overwrite save' or some such thing... it would mean you would be able to avoid replaying the earlier missions when restarting if that's your thing... and if you find out you need someone in a later map you're not punished too badly to get them back if they died in a mission a short while ago.

                Of course this also allows people to replay completed maps as long as they don't overwrite their save.
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