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  • Idea for two new classes

    I come to think about two new classes that could be sweet to have in the game.

    1: Sniper - Powerfull gun, but slow rate of fire. Will be able to see much further away. (Oh, and ofcourse this class would be most usefull on maps with much more open space and longer corridors).

    2: Synthetics - "autogun" with whatever weapon he takes, can hold much heavier weapons (so could carry cannon? minigun? whatever..) and have nightsight (can see in the dark)

    Just my two bright ideas for the day

    Edit: Oh, and if you think these two classes would be too powerfull, then just insert the following flaws.
    1: Sniper - low health, weak. (And wont see whats coming behind when scouting ahead with his binoculars, hehe)
    2: Synth - Slow, wont be able to run as fast as humans (well, since its a machine you COULD make it the opposite, that it can run faster than humans.. Upp to the dev team. Cant be healed by a medic, only with a hacker with, lets say, the hackertool *blowtorch sounds too cruel*, if even be able to be repaired at all)

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    your synthetic would kind of make those autocannon usnig soldiers (can't think of their class name right now) kind of useless since they are currently the front line troops in my opinion.


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      Well right now anyways, none of the maps are built for a sniper. Also it could be kind of a hard to hit an alien with a sniper rifle.
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        sniper sounds good, i actualy had the exact same idea, the sniper rifle would be like the pistol, except the bulet wouldnt degrade right away and it would do more damage. As you moved the cursor the screen would shift 2x as much as it does for other classes and after it's already shifted the amount it usualy shifys the FOV would decrease.

        I would definitly like to see an alien swram "expansion pack" I'd leave everything up to the devs though, the classes as they are ar soooo perfectly balanced.


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          a Sniper class would be cool, like firecrack said, just scroll to the edge of the screen, and it keeps going.

          only problem with that is, (and this has been addressed before) the aliens as things are now are all set on triggers. A series of points in the map or things that have to happen, before they become active. IE: you walk past a certain point in the floor, and 5 aliens who before that ( were just standing there) become active and rush at you.

          So a sniper could just pick off all of the inactive aliens.

          as for synthetics, i like what yeah go so far, here is a list wiht a few of my own ideas added.

          1) night vision
          2) more health
          3)ability to carry heavier weapons, ( could be simulated by an extra slot, IE: a 3rd main weapon or accessory. so they could carry like two sentrys and a rifle or something.

          1) Cannot be healed ( period, I like the hacker idea but with all those ups you have to have a DRASTIC down, and lets face it, this is just about the ONLY thing any of us have thought up that constitues a MASSIVE downside.

          2) Cannot use Hacking tools, or Welding guns, ( could say this is because the training for those tools was not part of their software package or somethign like that.)

          that aughta be a good balance of things. they would basically be Team MULES, carrying ammo and sentrys or DOUBLE AMMO and DOUBLE SENTRYS. But would have to stay out of the big fights sence they have no way to regenerate life.


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            Well, as stated, the current mod's classes are excellent and well balanced.
            But.. If there are to be larger maps (in any sort), with more players (8-player servers is fine, but why not 10? or 12?), there is gona need to be some more classes
            The scout and the synth can both have their upsides and downsides, as long as they are balanced. Its up to the dev to find out the right kind of balance (if they would ever take on those classes)

            Besides, sooner or later we ARE gona face humans (I REALLY want to beat the shit out of the corp that is dealing with aliens. ESCPECIALLY since their scientists where stupid enough to accidently let them loose in their own base *hates NPC's* )
            So, I'm hoping to see maps where you can go against humans, and maybe even other human players (hey, why not let the corp be playable and have a team deathmatch, mua ha ha)
            (But then again, why not let some ultratech hunting intelligent aliens *coughpredatorcough* join the frey and totaly go lunatic all about this mod *joking there on the last part after the teamdeathmatchidea*)


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              I'm not sure if a "longer range of vision" would work well, I'm pretty sure the modmakers had a very set idea on how far you are able to see when making the maps and mod itself. It would be lame to be able to snipe "sleeping" aliens that haven't been triggered yet, you could probably kill half of the bugs without ever having any of them actually attack you. I know this is how the sniper is supposed to work, but it would be far too overpowered in this gametype I think.

              I like your synthetics idea though, but the no-hackingtool/welder is too little of a penalty. The chance of a synthetic person *having* to use these in a team is second to none. Someone else could just get one instead.

              The classes right now are great, but I think the explosive guys are a little ditched. In a team they don't really have a good primary weapon (shotguns are far too risky) and their mines aren't too useful except for in a handful of places that I can think of. They are very awesome indeed, it's just that finding a *place* where they are useful that's the tricky part. (Maybe I just havent seen them used to the fullest though. The only places I've really appreciated them is waiting for the lift on Ao-rescue and the dish in Ao-Uplink). The fact that their grenades bounce I think is actually a bad thing. It makes it harder to decide where exactly you want the explosion to happen.
              I could speculate for several pages on why explosive guys arent that much used, but all in all they are usually the guys you get if noone else is avaliable. Maybe give them a new unique weapon? Like a slower rate of fire assault rifle with higher explosive rounds or something. Like a 3-shots-a-second thing. Takes one or two hits to kill an alien, and they deal some splash damage.

              Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to add, I really hope they do add one or two new classes in the future nevertheless.
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                Fuzzle, as I said before man, not just a lack of welding and teching, the synthetics would be UNABLE to regenerate life, IE: cant use personal med pack, and cant be healed by medics. THATS PLENTY OF DRAW BACK.

                SNIPERS: I agree. Too hard

                as for EXP not having a weapon, I have said this before.

                but how about giving them a GRENADE LAUNCHER, carrys 5, 5 round clips or mabey less fires the NORMAL standard grenade. ( same one assault rifle fires)???

                that would be sweet, of course you could lower the number of nades they start with and leave out NADE CLIP refills from the ammo pack.

                PS: to those who are about to say that I have contradicted my self, sence I asked for nades to be included in the ammo packs before, please take note to the fact that I said NO NADE "CLIPS" in the ammo packs, the nade launcher and the RIFLES would use DIFERENT types of nade ammo. The assault rifles should be able to get nades from an ammo pack, 5 total " thats 5 single nades" from each pack, the launcher would NOT


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                  Since it's a high-damage weapon you want, why call it/use a sniper rifle? A sniper rifle is after all a zoomable long-range weapon. True, most fps games snipers are very powerful and people shoot them from the hip at point blank without zooming and aiming, but this doesn't fit with Alien Swarm which is trying to be "realistically" themed, when compared to say, UT2K4:s jumble of styles.

                  Just name it a gauss rifle or something like that (maybe too sci-fi?) to compensate the high damage factor.
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                    mmm, railgun...

                    would be fun to have a class with that type of weapon. high power single shot rounds, that go through targets.


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                      If all you want is a HIGH POWERED SINGLE SHOT WEAPON, with a SLOW rate of FIRE.

                      Why not just give the ONE of the two shot guns, SLUGS ???? or the ability to switch between ammo types, IE: buckshot, or sluggs.

                      Could also use a BOLT action rifle with out Snipe?


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                        but its so much more fun to hear a railgun, see the spiral it makes and see a row of enemies fall...


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                          Rofl, the synthetic should have dual miniguns and can only be used once. So for one map you can use the guy and just go gun ho for a one map. And when the map ends the synthetic is unusable.

                          Kind of like a "Wild Card"
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                            Ye, syntecs should replace the SpecialWeapons, just give them 3 spaces and they and extra slot and set him/her to be able to use just the standard assaultrifle with inbuild autoaim system....


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                              how about a engineer class that can build temporary barricades that the aliens can destroy just like some doors.
                              right now the swarm attacks like when you have to wait for the dropship have everyone running around like mad trying to stay alive.
                              if you could have a engineer build one or two barricades you could set up a proper firebase and try to defend that.

                              somehow it seems more characterfull to be able to set up a defensive perimeter and defending that for 3 minutes in a good formation. (i.e. heavies guarding the gaps between the barricades, techs trying to weld the barricades to keep them in one piece etc, maybe some more aliens because you have a organized defence this time).

                              gameplay wise i dont think it would make it any easier if you increase the aliens and make sure the techs or engineers would have to keep welding the barricades to keep them intact.
                              because basically the barricades take up a weapon slot, the welding torch takes up a slot so you have reduced firepower, add to that increased alien attacks because you're in cover and hopefully you end up with a much more cinematic battle where the heavies arae desperately fighting off the aliens while the engineers and techs are trying to keep your perimeter intact.