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  • "Run" Gametype?

    This is my first post, but I've been browsing the forum for a while.

    Among all the posts here I've seen that people have suggested several variants of team-vs-team modes and I thought I'd register and give my views.
    I wanted to make a fresh thread because I don't want to comment any of the existing (excellent) posts, but make my own.

    My suggestion:
    When both teams are ready the game starts.
    Both treams start at the far right/left/top/bottom of the map.
    They may from time to time see eachother through broken doors or "over" thin walls, but they can never fire at eachother.

    Some places aliens spawn in a room like this:
    Team 1 hallway on the left, team 2 on the right.
    Both have doors leading into a common room.
    From some source (a vent?) the swarm is poring out, one to the right, the next to the left etc.
    The dors cannot be entered by the Marines because of the bottomless pit or extreeme radiation leaks or whatever.
    But the marines can SEAL the door, effectively forcing the swarm to go the other way!

    This will, ofcourse cause the other team to get more than their share of the swarm until they, too, can seal their door.

    Other places one can block the other teams way by hacking into doors on their side and locking them or unlocking side-doors to release more aliens on the other side.

    Other than this possibility to sabotage the other teams path, one also has to get first to the dropship.
    Once one team has entered their "dropship area" they have to call their dropship and survive the wait.
    The other team can then only hope they don't survive it, but that they can call their dropship and survive their own wait.

    Along the way there should be lots of doors to seal and some more objectives (like fetching data from a computer) and the other team should be notified when the other team has completed an objective.

    - Teams never meet
    - Teams can sabotage the other teams "run".
    - The map is paralell. You can DIRECTLY compare to the other team by spotting them on the other side of a wall.
    - Dead marines stay dead. No respawns, only spectators.
    - Need for ALL classes for a successful run, but the team may be able to pull it off if a teammate goes down.
    - Teammates can kill eachother, but no damage can be dealt to the other team, just in case someone finds a hole somewhere.

    use perl;

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    just dont make any holes in between the teams then
    just put a normal wall in between them since if you would be with your team in the lower lane and the enemy team in the upper lane if you scroll up you can see them.
    but the thing that needs to be implemented is that instead of everyone chooses his marine at the start that there are 2 teams with something in between them on the roster screen and each team has access to 1 tech, 1 medic, 1 exp and 1 weapon specialist
    for example team 1 can use: jaeger, wildcat, faith and crash
    team 2 can use: sarge, wolfe, bastille and flynn
    but simply give each char the same ammount of stars to start with. (probably 1)

    cause there is not a single bit of diffirence between wolfe and wildcat for example. i see ppl use wildcat all the time and wolfe is often unused in games that arent full, thats just because gamers are horny little buggers that rather play with a female char than with a male char. that doesnt mean that wildcat is a better char than wolfe.
    so each team would start out as equals (depending on selfchosen equipment) and depending on how well they survive they can upgrade.
    or to avoid ppl from whining about a marines name it could be programmed that each team has access to a 'technical', a 'medic', a 'weapons specialist' and a 'explosives', but they got no names. the moment someon selects the specific class the char will get his nickname with an additional (M), (T), (E) or (W) added in front of it (to keep things a bit clear and show to their teammates which class they are)
    the basic avatar pictures of the existing chars can be used but they wont have that specific name anymore

    hmm the past few days there are some extremely nice ideas here but i have a feeling they all come down the the implementation of some of my points that i ve been repeating in like 3 diffirent topics. short and simple: the possibility to play in 2 teams of 4. that game model can be adapted to TDM, time race against each other, something like in this topic or even some crazy CTF where you gotta capture a flag item and bring it back to your base alive while killing hordes of aliens on the way.
    for example like on the map observation but less hard

    uhoh something bad comes to mind
    the use of stimpacks in a split team scenario where both teams are competing against each other
    if one team would activate stim it would either also activate stim for the other team thus giving them free stim if they dont intend to use their own stims
    if stim doesnt affect both teams then the stimteam will actually in a disadvantage since they r going slow motion while the other team can keep running on at full speed.

    arg, its too late and i m running out of ideas


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      There is a difference between Wildcat and Wolfe and that is that Wildcat is faster than Wolfe but you are probably right over the horny thing but hey she is a hot bitch
      and for the stim problem just disable the stims.... that should solve it
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        Wolfe has more hp.

        Some nice ideas, here