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    Did anyone see the movie Starship Troopers? I know I did, and I loved it. Did anyone try the game? (No, not the FPS, that hasnt even come out yet. I'm talking about that.. uh.. "strategy" game)
    As I recall, most people thought the game was crap (I loved it), but with a mod like this.. Oh dear, why not make AS 2 into a Starship Troopers-kind of game? (I LOOOOVE the part where they are surrounded in their base and have to fend of an army of bugs.. Imagine 8+ players trying to do the same in a mod like this )

    Anyhow.. Just my wishlist to santa growing larger

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    Aliens > starship troopers
    As far as i know, as is sort of based on aliens and based on my previous FACT, i think it should stay that way.


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      you r talking about AS 2 already
      how about they first finish this game with bugfixes, patches and new content
      and then you just wait for the FPS starship troopers that is coming out instead of whining that other games should be turned into something completely diffirent

      and then i m not even mentioning the copyright laws and all that stuff that prevents you from using certain content unless you pay some dudes a lot of cash so you are allowed to make a game on a certain subject like starship troopers ...


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        AS reminds me more of Starship Troopers then Aliens..

        Specially Starship Troopers 2. Which has parasites that get inside of people, but instead of bursting out they just possess the person and breed more of them inside their body. Instead of just one bursting out and becoming a completely new form.

        Oh and course the whole thing with Starship Troopers and there being constant ambush style swarms like in AS instead of just for the most part only dealing with a few aliens throughout the entire thing and one swarm. Also there is the thing with the Starship Troopers bugs taking a rediculous amount of ammo to take down one. For the most part.

        So if you ask me.. AS is Starship Troopers. Not Alien.

        Only thing common between AS and Alien is the autogun, flamer, and the eggs with the remotely similiar parasites in em. So really I guess you could say its a hybrid of the two movies with a bit of a personal touch on it.


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          yeah, i think of it as both, i mean Aliens didnt have masses of aliens like that comin at em Sst did , a good mix of the 2 i think ... ive played that starship troopers rts game , its pretty kool.

          but AS should stay the way it is a good mix of plent alieny goodness.


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            True, AS 1 should stick with the story as it do, but sooner or later the dev's will abandon the UT2004 engine (lets face it, in a year or two there will probably have been released a couple of new "latest and best engine"), so I'm just feeding them with my own sick ideas of what fun is *snickers quietly to himself*

            AS 2 (or whatever their next thing will be) should hopefully be as cool and great as AS 1 is


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              Aliens did have lots of aliens attacking the marines. Bah starship troopers 2 is a made for video move that got pretty terrible reviews. It in no way compairs to aliens.

              SST was mainly just huge infantry engagements. they never had the feeling of being hopelessly outnumbered that was always present in Aliens. Aliens was all about survival. Survival against swarms of aliens who could attack from anywhere and be on you in a second. Both aliens and SST aliens go down easily if shot in the right area as shown in the movies.


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                Aliens trivia: The preparation for the actors playing Colonial Marines included two weeks' training with the S.A.S. and reading Robert Heinlein's novel "Starship Troopers"


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                  In starship troopers (the book), bugs had guns and mobile infantry could fly. So I'd say AS is more aliens.


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                    I havent read the book yet, its definaly on my 'things I MUST read' list though, have to FIND the book first, our library is rather lacking in good heinlein.


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                      Originally posted by The Pope
                      In starship troopers (the book), bugs had guns and mobile infantry could fly. So I'd say AS is more aliens.
                      I believe he is talking about the "movieized" version. I read the book and liked it. I thought the powered armor they wore was much better than the modernish armor that the troops wore in the movie. The rts sst game was pretty fun. It was basically the movie version with the powered armor from the book. Overall pretty fun.


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                        AS is, IMO, nothing like Starship Troopers, and is all about Aliens.

                        For example, AS is littered with Aliens quotes. Even the title, "Just another bug hunt", is pulled from Aliens, albeit indirectly (the quote was a bit different). Several in-game quotes are also the same.

                        Aliens took place almost entirely indoors (all the alien-fighting action did anyhow). AS takes place almost entirely indoors (no open deserts or caves like in ST)

                        AS also takes most (all?) of the weapons from Aliens, not Starship Troopers. That includes many non-weapons like the motion tracker and the sentry gun.

                        In short, AS has almost nothing in common with Starship Troopers, while it has tons in common with Aliens.


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                          Heh, actually, when I first played this mod, my first thought was "Oooh, COOOOL! They have made a mod based on the game Alien Breed that I had on my old Amiga 500!".
                          I still believe this game is based on Alien Breed. Now, Alien Breed in its turn was based on Aliens 2 (another story though, but it had the same kind of action from the movie).
                          I am probably wrong, but to me I think this mod is based 80% on Alien Breed and 20% on something else they came up with
                          (Heck... Alien Breed is such an old game that the dev team was probably not even born yet.. Todays computerbrats is getting younger and younger.. *has to take a peek on the dev-page to see their actual age*)


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                            i used to play alien breed for the pc :p


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                              Alien Swarm reminds me a bit of the side-scroller 'Abuse' - that game was insane at times.