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Hacking access to turrets

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  • Hacking access to turrets

    Is it just me or are the turret placements in all the missions pointless? You get alittle use of them on a couple maps like south corridor on Research and can't really think of any other. But for the most part they are pointless.

    I admit I'm a technician and I spend the time to hack these pointless turrets just for the heck of it, but there really is no point to them. Like the turret placements on Rescue. Everyone hacks it since its right on the way and use it at cargo lift exit, but does it really help any? No.

    How bout on the mission that you have to wait 2 and half minutes for the dropship to pick you up, you could detour off a far way going through heavy resistance and obstacles to give you some help at the end? Which might not even be worth the risk of the people you could lose on the way.

    So instead of having them be pretty pointless. Make them useful, but have it be some far way objective and would be very risky to try to get to.

    Maybe even just something as simple as having the turrets imediately pop up after you hack them instead of not activating till you get there would help some. Perhaps to clear out a room you see through the camera which would require the aliens to spawn before you get to them too for atleast those rooms.

    I'm sure someone else has a better idea as to what to do with the preplaced turrets you can gain access to via hacking. Maybe put in some variation. Do you want to hack yourself a turret to clear out this room or do you want to gain access to a resupply room?

    *edit* or just even moving them. For like on rescue again place the turret in the darkroom to the northern part of the room so that it keeps that door clear instead of being on the southern part of the room and being of no use since by the time you get to the turret to activate it you already clear out those aliens on the southern part and the only ones you have to worry about are the ones that spawn north of the turret.
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