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  • Pistol Power!

    Today, I found something a bit disturbing (and annoying)(kinda).

    I was playing salvage on Hard and just before the 'inventory panel' there's that little part where a large pack of aliens comes in on both sides of the squad.

    Wildcat (L5 Health and Special) fires continuously into the front crowd, and barely survives with 10 hp remaining.

    I switch to Faith (Armed with only dual pistols, accuracy L2)- who single-handedly defended the rear.

    To summarize, this means that the AI with dual pistols can do better than a human with a fully-upgraded autogun RUNNING BACKWARDS. If I'd known that I'd have given all my marines pistols on L1, get gunfighter awards for all, and have a easier time than if they were flamers!

    Of course, this is AI problem only. And it's too late to get into the 1.1 patch. :p This is what you guys made the accuracy skill for- being accurate. The AI shouldn't be that good on its own IMHO.
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    You have to expect the AI marines to have inhuman aim. Kinda like in Halo where you have the sniper riding shotgun. Your going over hills and he never misses. Give the player a huge advantage which most of the time is nice.
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      That's too true... If I have a medic with akimbo pistols on one lane, and an autogunner on the other, the medic seriously overtakes the autogunner in killing efficency...

      Of course, the autogunner can mow down more baddies...


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        I mostly play multiplayer and pistols are pretty strong...for a lesser weapon...
        of course 1 bullet of the pistol does more dmg than 1 bullet of rifle...but you have much less ROF and quantity of its very hard to aim with it since it does not hit target instantly and you have no autoaim...
        basically, in multiplayer it is perfect...

        in single player the AI needs to miss sometimes ;D
        they are a tad too strong...


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          Hey angel, didnt I play with you the other day?

          And yeah I love pistols, but my aim isnt really good enough to make them overtake my techie rifle. The fact that they also penetrate aliens and can take down several in one shot gives them a nice advantage in taking down hordes (especially when running backwards), I dont think reloading them slows you down either.
          Here's a vote for making the AI miss sometimes, as it stands now if we play with a secondary marine in multiplayer, we end up "leapfrogging" our 2 marines so that the AI does as much of the shooting as possible. I think it's kinda backwards that if you want to have the most out of your gunner, you put him on passive. I think it should be the other way.
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            GUYS your missing the point.

            AI has UBER aim, yeah I said uber what of it, to make up for its MANY other short comings, such as Inabilty to communicate with team, coordinate or adapt to changing situations, IT gets stuck on walls, it can only do 2 things follow and hold, it has to be switched to, if you want it to HEAL/HACK/WELD.

            IN SHORT, BOTS SUCK ASS in this game, except for one thing and thats their GOD LIKE AIM. IF they didnt have it, every time you turned your back theyd be dead. I mean they get attacked and just stand there if you dont tell them to hold there ground, THEY DONT RUN for help THEY walk in to fire and well hell you get the point by now.

            WITH OUT AIM LIKE THAT theyd die FAR FAR FAR too easy, and this post would be about, please give the AI some way to survive.


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              Tiny its basicly a trade off, have the bots have great accuracy but other then that they can't do much.
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                Bots in Uplink tend to jump in holes and commit suicide that way...


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                  I was thinking along the lines of perhaps implementing a short time between changing targets, except with the autogun. A 1/10 second wait between kills would even them out a little better IMO.

                  Right now, pisols:


                  Still perfectly accurate, but less godlike- and still capable of self defence
                  Grunt: How dangerous can parasites be?
                  Grunt has been infested with a parasite!
                  Grunt: Oh, I thought I could step on them.


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                    or maybe BANGBAN..GBANGBA..NGBANGB..ANGBANG?
                    or more like BAN..GBA..NGB..ANG..BAN..GBA..NGB..ANG?

                    multiplayer is what is important IMO...and the bots AI is not too strong in multi...

                    single player should not be too hard anyway...
                    it is like a preparation for the online play...


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                      If you think about it too much you'll start wondering why 2 pistol bullets are better than 10-15 rifle bullets; the reloading kills pistols, just like in real life. Just leave it.

                      Of course, I'd like to see the rifles do more damage, but at close range, it'd be wierd.


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                        The bots are fine and dandy when you want to move slowly, but when you want to move fast (say barracks with its high amount of infinite spawners) they can hinder you quite a bit. Additionnaly they cannot set themselves up. A hold postion to the group doesn't do a lot of good, you usually have to set each marine individually to have a decent defense. Their godlike accuracy really is the only thing they have going for them.


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                          It would be lovely to be able to do Hidden-and-Dangerous 2-style ordering of bots, so that they can set up covering positions simultaneously properly (in fact, a better example - given the perspective, and that you don't want to be pausing half of the time - is Red Alert 2's waypoint mode). The problem with this is that it's a major departure from the current system, so means a lot more work.

                          For those who don't know, in RA2's waypoint mode, you:
                          * enter the mode
                          * select each unit you want to perform an action in turn, and click out a series of waypoints for them to move to
                          * leave waypoint mode: when you do this, all the units start following their orders (and not before)

                          It's a nice, simple way to organize co-ordinated maneuvers. However, it would mean being able to click out waypoints for bots to follow, so would probably be a fair bit of work for AS.

                          A simpler solution would be a "Formation Follow" order which makes the bots keep their relative orientations and positions while following (as much as possible - if the path gets narrow, they'll have to stay as close to their desired position as possible). If you turn ninety degrees, the whole shape turns ninety degrees with you, so that the same marine is always on the rear. This would be invaluable when crossing larger areas where the aliens swarm in.

                          And, as a final cherry-on-the-top, being able to give orders selectively (rather than just to 'all in range') would be good: especially when dealing with Williams.
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                            One interesting concept would be to use Unreal's voice recognition capabilities to command the bots (like you can do in UT2k4.)

                            Possibly Commands:
                            watch my back: Whichever way the character you order it from is aiming the bot aims the other way following you.
                            seal door: the bot will seal the nearest sealable door (if possible and within a range)
                            unseal door: the bot will unseal the nearest sealed door (if possible and within a range)
                            hack: the bot will begin hacking the nearest hackable object (if possible and within a range)
                            follow: the bot will follow you
                            hold: the bot will hold position
                            turn: the bot will turn 90 degrees right
                            behind you: the bot will turn 180 degree
                            guard here: the bot will run up next to you and hold position facing the same direction you are.
                            heal me: the bot heals you
                            heal weak: the bot heals the lowest HP member of the group

                            The names that appear on the screen would probably be used to order them (instead of alpha bravo ect.)

                            Wildcat guard here
                            Crash hack
                            Faith heal weak

                            So you just set up wildcat to guard a hallway, crash to hack a door, and faith to heal wildcat (who was low on hp) all in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.


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                              Half the fun of this game for me, is setting up each marine at vital parts of the mission. Although there is one change I would suggest.

                              The hold and follow commands only work for idle marines. You can double click the hold and follow commands to force welding/hacking/shooting to follow you.