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no animation for autogunner

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  • Omega
    I'll look into the animation, but it could have been lag.

    The red target symbols are calculated server side. Not worth spending bandwidth replicating them.

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  • etchasketch
    started a topic no animation for autogunner

    no animation for autogunner

    today i was playing multiplayer, single mission, with a friend. I was in control of a medic, and a special (with an autogun).

    when i was controlling the special, the unit firing animation was normal (small flame coming from gun, bullet tracers etc.), but if i was controlling the medic, and watching the special, the firing animation was absent. The only indication i had that she was firing was sound effects, bugs dying, and the little symbol in her portrait.

    Is this a limitation of AI controlled marines in multiplayer? the other marines not under my control had normal firing animation.

    on a similar note, I notice that in multiplayer, if I am a client, I dont get the red target symbols on aliens which indicates autoaim. If i'm the server I do. Anyone else notice this?