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Wanted to thank Black Cat for making one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had

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  • Wanted to thank Black Cat for making one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had

    The game is excellent guys, I was totally floored how great it was.

    It seems many games nowadays have gotten weak in the terms of difficultly. It's sad when a game that could be very challenging was toned down to appease a wider audience.

    So far (on normal mode) the game has been extremely hard, and I couldn't be happier. Every day I've been gathering a group of people from a message board I post on to continue our campaign. I've never seen a game cause so much teamwork and precision before.

    We literally have to know every inch of the map, every crawlspace where a bug or parasite will come out just so we all can make it out alive. It's really something special when a game's difficulty causes a group to be so well organized.

    Though I've seen plenty of people give up out of frustration, or cry out that the game's difficulty is too hard. But I unlike these poeple don't think this game should be a cakewalk where you just blaze through without any thought of your actions or where your teammates are. When a game is like that I feel like nothing has been accomplished, no challenge was given, all it was was a pretty bloodbath to tingle the senses.

    I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but again I thank you again for such a gaming experience and hope to see what's instore for future installments of Alien Swarm. I also hope the difficulty remains intact and that more people share my feelings about this game.

    Thank you,

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    Aaaaamen, testify brothers


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        Agreed! Best thing ive ever played in ages!
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          It's made me practically give up on UT2004 Onslaught.

          'Nuff said.


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              I know how you feel Padders! I dont mean to toot my horn or anything but i used to be quite the bad ass in ONS, but AS has all but taken me away from that for going on a week now, which wuz no easy task seeing that i wuz playing ONS upwards of 4 hours a day at least. Oh well i better enjoy all the free time i have before i have to start a real job... Thanks Again Guys.


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                Aww, thank you so much!

                I'm very glad that people like the game we made.


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                  Aswell, i attempted to play a quick game of DM... and got pwned.... hopefully we will see some mission packs, and ill be like an addict with loads more crack


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                    who else here bought UT2004 for AS?

                    /me puts hand up.


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                      Lets just say i gave it to a friend who "didnt enjoy ut2k4"
                      Strange how he know owns a copy 2 days later... ;p


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                        Yeah thx alot to the BlackCat developers. You have produced a truly awesome mod and I cant wait to see what you might have in the bagage for any upcoming patch or bonus pack

                        I can say that I have a friend that had no plans at all to buy UT2k4 but when he heard me talking about Alien Swarm he started to really consider to buy UT2k4 because he thought it sounded totally awesome. Everyone that I have showed this mod has just been astonished by how cool it looks and sounds.

                        So a big CHEERS to the team !!!


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                          Yep...I've only been playing since yesterday, but I'm already gobsmacked at just how professional this mod is, and how well it plays.

                          And, boy, despite being pretty darn good at 'vanilla' UT2K4, do I suck at AS.

                          (As an aside: I assume that Alien Swarm maps are prefixed 'AO' to avoid conflicts with AsSault maps. But why 'O'?)
                          Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


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                            Originally posted by LionsPhil
                            (As an aside: I assume that Alien Swarm maps are prefixed 'AO' to avoid conflicts with AsSault maps. But why 'O'?)
                            To make you ask that very question.
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                              Thread starter expressed my thoughts exactly...
                              Black Cat!