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  • Fear?

    IMO to make the game atmospheric, some different sounds should be added in. The heart beat is a pretty nice touch, but I'd also like to hear screaming and varied alien noises.
    Another element I think that should be added to the game are big ass aliens that simply could not be killed....easily, leading to a cat and mouse chase for a while, until the marines get to some cover, or seal a door perhaps. As of now, it's nice that the "bugs" are 100% expendable flesh ripping nightmares but that doesn't seem to add much to the fear, perhaps it's because the player is not looking up close at front to the aliens.

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    flashing red lights, sirens, and countdowns do it for me...


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      screams = lame
      I agree with alien noises... gotta sound retarded recording that ;p make sure no one is around to hear you ;p
      And yeah, some "tank" aliens that are like bullet imune or something

      I must say, playing AS at 4am when its raining outside, and you dont have any lights on.... you tend to have lil jumps when things burst out of air-vents etc ;p
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        strobe lighting! gives me the heeby-jeebies... and the occasional fit too :p


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          But to hear a marine screaming when they got torn up! Or hear in the distance echos of anguish.. mabye add in some blood splattering and "gore sounds" as well!