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Medic = Immune to fire mines?

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  • Medic = Immune to fire mines?

    Right, after some testing of this I've found out that if you set off a fire mine:

    If the medic walks into the beam, they start to take damage (obviously):


    However, If while remaining in the fire, the medic uses a medpack, he will then stop taking damage from the fire. (If the medic moves, damage will continue.)

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    It's normal for a medic to stop taking damage from fire after he used a medpack on himself or any other marine. But you say that the damage continues if he moves after he used the medpack. Are you sure about that? I'll look into it anyway.


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      i think he means that the medic can stand in the fire, then take 1 medpack and then keep standing in the fire much longer than the medpack has healing effect. as long as he doesnt move the fire does nothing against him.
      or you mean something totaly diffirent ?