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  • Restart idea

    I like the idea of being able to restart if your not doing well, but it does take a while to get everything going again. Would there be a way to restart the map without reloading it. Kinda like in a console game when you choose "restart mission" it immediately goes back to the beginning, without having to load anything, it would make the game faster paced and in the end more of the time connected to the server would be used for playing the game.

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    Not really possible.
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      I would like the feature to restart the mission with previous settings. Reassigning the group can become tedious if you're replaying a mission over and over. I don't think this would be too hard to implement.

      At least having everything set up the same way as before you hit the start button would be a godsend.


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        There's a lot of variables, triggers, fancy stuff and bugs that would have to be reset everytime... The risk of something going wrong would be extremly high even if it were made.


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          Originally posted by DarkBill
          Not really possible.
          Actually, I think it is. If my memory serves me right, the Assault gametype also resets without reloading when you switch team after a round. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
          Another question would be if this reset system could easily be applied to the AS maps.

          I usually play with the same team, and one of those guys has a bit of a lower end system, where it takes quite some time to load a level. Could save some time reloading after the flameguy took out half the team because he accidentely set the ammoguy on fire.


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            I hope it is possible, or at least some sort of faster restart. I never thought about the assault switch teams thing before, maybe something along those lines.


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              Yes i have the same problem as well, we get killed pretty quickly and then we have to wait a long time cause, some of us have slow machines.

              Maybe they can add two restart options, one full restart direct to the debrief room, and one kick restart like the one in assault and oslaught gametypes


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                One thing-
                I use the load times to talk to party members before we launch (I have a 5-comp LAN at my house), and in games with no load times we often end up charging (often faster and faster) into mistakes, with little to no thought and the whole teamwork thing breaks down. Pure adrenaline is great for self-defence, very bad for ff co-op. The loads drain a bit of adrenaline off so we can be rational, even-minded teammates.

                But that's just me. I don't go online that often (though I feel I should), and the situation may be different.
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                  Assault is fairly easy to reset without a map reload as only a few things change throughout the mission, a couple of movers move and a few objectives are marked as complete, thus only a few things need to be returned to their original positions at the start of a new round.

                  In alien swarm however this is a different story, there are a lot of things that would need to be reset. Along with the same movers and objectives there are also many alien spawners that need to be set to their original values, all remaining aliens need to be destroyed and every alien and egg that was manually placed by a mapper needs to be respawned at its original position.

                  I don't think it's feasible to have the game remember all of these variables, the tiny bit of gain is far outweighed by the possible bugs that would be caused and the huge effort required to implement it.
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                    Ultimately, unless you want to waste a chunk of memory, it would have to reload the map to get back all of the dynamic components. (Of course, if you're playing on Linux with shedloads of RAM, you may find that the map file gets cached and loaded from memory anyway.)

                    Anyone here know how much of the map loading time is down to loading in static geometry?
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