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  • Suggestion for loadout menu

    I'd like to suggest a reformat of the loadout screen; primarily the 'extra' section, where the column is wide enough to have the options grahpics side-by-side and thus do away with the scrolltabs. Also, on the 'primary' slider, the ammo/med/sentry could be detached and put separately, to get rid of those scroll bars too, especially since they could be replaced by small, square buttons instead of large rectangles.

    I'd also like to see click to deselect in marine screens and dragability in the loadout screen; its a bit cumbersome removing and adding hardware. I hardly ever change, but hey

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    Hard? I just double click on the things I don't want in my equipment and they are removed. Big deal.


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      double click goes for anything
      selecting and deselecting a marine
      selecting and deselecting equipment
      dragging things is just making it harder than it is now


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        A minor problem with this loadout interface is that you can double click a name on the left to select a marine... but you can't double click it again to deselect it, you have to either click the name, then the deselect marine button, or double click the portrait way over to the right.

        In addition, you can currently select a marine in the equip menu, and then when you go back to the roster menu and that marine is selected, however when you select a marine that is in use on the roster menu and switch to the equip menu... it does not change the screen to the equip menu of that selected character.

        Finally, currently we are able to deselect a marine in the equipment menu by double clicking a portrait, I would suggest removing this functionality from this screen so that this action is only taken on the roster menu. The ability seems out of place on the equip page.

        If possible could the first two be rectified in the next release? Thanks.
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        - Kalias


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          I agree with Brent. There have been numerous times when I've clicked marine portraits on the loadout screen to check their equipment, and accidentally removed them from the roster. Very frustrating.