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    Is it just me or does the AI ruin what would otherwise be a fantastic game. I just want to know if anyone else has noticed the same problem. I love the game but cant stand to play the single player because of the abominable AI. If it is me not the AI then I apologise and will hang my head in shame.
    Im not forgetful, things just dont occur to me!

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    What exacly are your AI issues?
    Sure, the AI is pretty basic, but I only use AI to cover themselves and other marines statically.
    I allways move the marines manually.
    The "Follow me" command is useless under attack.

    I've been thinking about the AI and how it could be improved.
    Implementing stuff like following the wall and sweeping around themselves for enemies would be nice.
    It would also be great if they would actually turn to face incomoing enemies when they show on the scanner.

    use perl;


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      The single player plays slightly differently to multiplayer, with a greater emphasis on positioning of marines, rather than running around shooting. Instead of using follow (which is intentionally ineffective) try moving the marines into positions individually, setting up crossfires and covering each other, etc.

      The follow command is just a convenience for moving through low-threat areas, quickly.


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        There's been some discussion on bot movement in the Pistol Power thread (although it probably should be continued in here, where it's more on topic ).
        Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


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          for me the follow command does just what it should. covers my main gunner from behind and that's what it is.


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            lol you only THINK its covering you bro.

            JUST BECAUSE ITS ON YOUR ASS dont mean your safe

            if you dont tell it to HOLD when you encounter enemies, its not gonna shoot back.



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              Yes... it... is!
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...