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Devs: Found bugs in AO-Observation

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  • Devs: Found bugs in AO-Observation

    This is serious...if you REALLY want to see how BUGGED this game is...check this:

    copy paste the link...

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    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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      My god! Are there really bugs in Observersation?
      I tought i killed them all, already.

      At least i... did kill... something.

      (Your thread is bugged. Fix it.)


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        Uplink Boss Exploit

        Instead of making a new thread thought I'd just post in here..

        Not exactly sure if its an exploit. But you can get the boss of uplink stuck on the rocks by using the shotgun grens. I've been able to do it a couple times now. Also he can can't go over the sentries so you can get him stuck on that using it as a barricade.

        Is it possible to make the boss resistant to getting pushed back (or up) by grenades? And maybe make it so he can jump or walk over the sentries. Its no big deal really. Just thought I'd post since someone already started a bug thread.

        Oh also on Uplink there is a spot where players can get stuck. Right near the bottom of the stairs that go up to activate the sideways elevator. You get stuck between the rails so you can't jump or duck or move to get out of it. Dumb bots will get stuck there every now and then.