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  • About grenades.

    I was curious, are the stun and incendiary grenades supposed to be better than the frag ones? Because I still consider the normal grenades to be the best ones.
    It's hard to hit what you want with the incendiary grenades, and the stun ones can't harm eggs (which is what I often find myself using grenades for; killing off eggs fast while I'm shooting at other stuff). I think the only advantage the stun nades have is that you can shoot them at yourself and it's like using a stim, given that you hit the bugs as well. This really sucks if you have incoming tho. What I hate most about the stun grenades is that if I fire them neatly into a dense cluster of aliens, I still have to kill them myself. With a regular grenade they would all already be dead.
    As I said tho I'm not sure what your intention with them are, maybe the normal ones are supposed to be the most useful. As a techie I sometimes bring the normal rifle instead of the tech one because of this.

    On a similar note, I wish you could fire grenades while reloading. Make it pause or restart the reloading process or something. It really sucks when I have a horde of aliens coming for me but I need to change my bullets clip before I can launch a grenade at them.
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    The different grenades have their uses. A lot of people like the stun grenades for the reasons you said, they are great if you have a horde coming for you (or coming for anyone since they don't hurt your team). The incendiary grenades are useful because they bounce around corners and set fire to eggs. Remember the vent room with the computer terminal on Rescue or the room with the switch on Salvage? Try them in there. It's true that an incendiary grenade that bounces the wrong way can be annoying to your teammates, but they do explode when they hit a marine or alien.


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      only the normal rifles have the frag grenade but no auto-aim, and is a fair trade-off between the power of the shotty and the autoaim of the autogun.


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        also a slowed behemoth is a lot les dangerous than a behmoth with a grenades less hp


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          Incendiary = Owns Eggs, Friendly damage is dangerous so I just use them vs Eggs
          Stun = Owns little hordes, No friendly damage!
          Frag = Strong but friendly damage is dangerous and they dont really kill hordes or eggs...they are just...simple grenades...

          my 2 cents


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            Stun grenades are team safe. So you can use them to help out a team member who is getting swarmed.

            Incendiary grenades are alright, but not so good against an advancing swarm. However the primary fire of the assualt shotgun does great against that.

            Frags are a great way to take off clusters in the distance. Fire it too close and you get hurt though.