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  • Bug detected !

    Hi there,

    Just found a bug at research.
    It's the last room, u know? Where u have to set the crates on fire.
    This fire burns everyone touching it. Ok. This is what fire normaly does, but Jaeger and Sarge getting burned too at lvl 5 with heatresistance. I don't think this is ok.

    Just wan't to report it.

    PS: My friend says i should type "Sir, yes Sir!" here ^^

  • #2
    Uhhhm... why are your team touching the fire?

    Anyway can't say I've noticed it, you can't toast yourself (I don't think) but level 5 demolitions Sarge and Jaeger should be protected...


    • #3
      Carth has a point

      And why the your team tried to make a masssuicide?


      • #4
        People like to do crazy stuff just to find a bug. Like when Creator and I jumped down a "bottomless pit" (which can NOT happen by accident, ever) to see what would happen.

        It wasn't bottomless. We were stuck forever.


        • #5
          If anyone is the bug finder it's Sohtaraz :p


          • #6
            Um, first think then wirte plz, thx ^^

            Every scripted fire burns sarge and jaeger when they should be protected ;P


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              Next time, post it here
              "I am tormented by dreams of our death, And grief at what is to come.
              For in dreams I have seen / The heavens falter, And the stars drop from the sky.
              In my dreams / Creation ceases without a sound. I have seen the destruction of the Way."


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                I had almost no ammo left so I tried pushing an explosive barrel next to those crates close enough to blast it off and kill the eggs once...however it blew in my face cuz I put it too clsoe to the fire
                People laughed :/


                • #9
                  That was incredibly cruel of your teammates, mocking you for such an innocent mistake.
                  (Heeheehee. )
                  Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


                  • #10
                    They laughed because it was funny, not because I was stupid...They know I'm good


                    • #11
                      This one is already known I believe. And if I recall correctly, it could not be fixed because of an engine limitation. However, it's very early and I'm not damn tired it's not even funny. So I could be wrong.