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A real bug in AO-Observation

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  • A real bug in AO-Observation

    In the control room on Observation, the console that gets hacked to control the level turrets fails to perform at random times. Our tech guy would hack it, but I'd say only 50% of the time it would give him controls for the turrets. This is pretty annoying, because the extra turret would come in handy at the end of the level. Unfortnately we couldn't find any reliable way to reproduce it.

    Also, sometimes the main computer doesn't pop up the window that tells you to go down to the archives. These could be linked, but it's hard to say.

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    Yeah, four and I were playing together, and I was the Tech marine.
    Sometimes you would hack the central computer and the popup window that redirects you down to teh Archives would fail to pop-up, but the other turret popup would still work. Sometimes vice versa, and sometimes both or neither worked. The Sub-control access panel always seemed to pop-up the small information window at the top of the screen, however.


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      Agreed. Had this before.


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        Will look into this.


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          you need to put your cross hairs over the terminal, and move it around a bit while pressing 'e'. sometimes it works straight off, sometimes you need to 'jiggle' it.