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Too dependant on heavies?

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  • Too dependant on heavies?

    Does anyone else feel left out? Far too often it seems that a mission relies very heavily on the heavies, while there is the odd "need techie" moment, usually hacking tools can bypass this problem and the heavies can continue on their rampage of alien killing.

    Every mission has a role for heavies, while techies are optional, explosives aren't quite a match and medics are nice but only if the aliens get close enough.

    It's not that the other roles don't have a use, it's just that most of the game seems to hang on the heavies.
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    I played games without heavies, they actually gone far more better than the ones with heavies.
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      Special Weapons...

      - Superior firepower
      - Can take point in almost all situations (bug swarm, vents, dark areas)
      - Autoaim takes care of parasites

      - Low ammo, can't hold the trigger down thru all the map
      - Gets hurt if bugs get too close and no one is there to back you up
      - Can't handle infinitely respawning aliens as economically as flamer, mines, sentry or rifles and flares...

      Bottom line:
      Raw firepower. You want him/her to take point when you're moving, but every time the squad has to stop, the special weapons falls back to support role.
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        Umm, DeepQantas, minigun is one of the crappiest weapons for rapid assaultmovement, you might want to take a pistol/shotgun/assaultrifle infront to make those fast kills... But against a horde theyr pritty much useles... Unlike miniguns/sentrys


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          For most teams, I think at least one medic is pretty much essential if you expect to complete a mission with all marines intact. Not everyone can take their own medkits, and there usually aren't more than one or two lying about per map. I often take with two med satchels and a pistola, and it's quite a challenge to keep an eye on everyone, but it's very satisfying to save someone from an infestation or the brink of death and have them thank you for it.
          I think they do have an essential role, just a very different one...


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            Padders = good medic, I've played with him

            But yeah when I take Wolfe or Wildcat they are just insane bug killers...I can keep running forward the whole time and I'll most likely never get it cuz I know where parasites/aliens come from...Everyone except for me could just go no weapon at all with healing/ammo packs/sentry and we could complete any mission...
            However, if we talk about harder difficulty levels well itll be harder killing all but still...
            In easy/normal Wolfe/Wildcat are just pure cheese

            My suggestion: make autoaim not as autoaiming...
            lets say autoaim covers a 120آ° angle at the moment...I dont know lower it to 70-80آ°


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              Originally posted by Sohtaraz
              Umm, DeepQantas, minigun is one of the crappiest weapons for rapid assaultmovement, you might want to take a pistol/shotgun/assaultrifle infront to make those fast kills... But against a horde theyr pritty much useles... Unlike miniguns/sentrys
              Maybe you just can't use it? :p

              I gotta agree that Assault shotgun is slightly better in ReactorCore vents, but in Observation autogun is a must.

              Of course Shotty + Autogun is a winner combo, too. Shotty shoots the bugs first, and autogun covers the guy's ass in case he misses. If there's a sudden swarm ahead, you let 'em sing a duet.
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                Oh, you just pull out the flamer.


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                  flamer + assault shotgun using explosives solder with heat armor =


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                    "= ggs, I'm going back to Thievery" ?
                    Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                      the Assault SG is just as good as the Autogun, just takes some training ^^


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                        Sarge and Jaeger seem to be really underestimated. Fire mines are good. 1-2 cleverly placed fire mines can take out an entire swarm. An example of this is in barracks. After you get to the hacking room place 2 fire mines sealing off the left section of the room from the right. When the aliens start coming maybe 1 will make it past the fire mines. By the time the burn out you can have hacked the database, the south door, and be on the other side of the south door sealed. The assualt shotgun also splatter aliens quite effectively. Sarge/Jaeger are just as fit to take the lead, but I think I prefer them on the rear. That way if things get hairy they drop a fire mines for cover and everyone runs.


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                          You know, I'd hope you're dependent on your teammates. It'd suck if you could go off without the guys with heavy weapons.


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                            I find every marine useful and that's why I will play as any. The pistol has high damage, goes through multiple aliens and a quick reload that doesn't impede movement. Medics can hold the back easily.

                            The special rifle has autoaim, reloads quicker than the autogun and has the stun grenades which are surprisingly useful. A tech marine can quite competently take the lead (the stun grenades stop him from being overwhelmed or can be fired before he needs to reload).

                            The assault shotgun can easily take out a row of 3 aliens with 1 shot and those incediary grenades are great for throwing ahead at a swarm (once you get the aim right). Explosives marines are brilliant for bringing up the rear, the mines hold off all aliens that pass for a good 15 seconds while your team goes on. They are also much needed backup for a reloading autogunner up front.

                            The autogun itself is good, but the reload slows you down so much that if you are going ahead and have to reload, you will certainly die. Also if an alien gets too close the autogun is not very good, especially if an alien passes behind you.

                            So no, teams should never be dependent on heavies.


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                              I actually think that in the hands of a skilled player, the p-rifle (or normal rifle w/ flashlight) is better than the autogun. Wolfe and Wildcat are both very slow, which makes them much more suited to fire support than for point, as it should be. A rifle with autoaim makes you much faster, and for the point man, speed really counts for dodging aliens and so on. The autoguns also eat up so much ammo, and there is less available since an ammo pack holds only 1 extra autogun clip but 5 rifle clips. The rifles have grenades(frag or stun) that can be surprisingly useful in a tight spot. Finally, using the p-rifle or rifle+flashlight means you are not the special weapons class, and have some extra useful skills- hacking, or healing if you are a medic. My favorite loadout is being a medic with rifle, medpack, and flashlight, which I think is a much better combination overall to wolfe or wildcat.