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  • New maps?

    Didn't see any information on this. awesome as this mod is, and as much fun as I'm having with it, there's gonna be a desperate need for some new maps here pretty soon to keep this game fresh.

    Has there been any announcement about future support from the devs? New versions? New maps/campaigns?

    Are there mappers out there working on their own maps? Best place to download these? Are they any good?

    Optimally I'd like to see a whole new campaign set released from BlackCat.. but I realize that probably won't happen overnight. These original maps are great.

    Best mod I've played in years.

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    guess what? you can join in on the fun too. Ut2k4 comes with a level editor, and it not hard to master.

    just fire it up, follow some really good tutorials on the net (google is your friend), and get mapping.


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      It'll be a while before there are many new quality maps. They take time.
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        I'm in the process of doing a map right now. I'd say that I have 1...maybe 2...percent complete.


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          I'm working on a single map right now, should have a playable beta ready in a few weeks, I know some people out there are working on completely new Campaigns too


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            I might as well throw in a screenshot I have uploaded. I used it to pimp off what I've done thus far over at TTLG while asking for a bit of Ued tech help along the way. Might as well do the same here, sans the n00bzor questions of course...

            Purdy Piktur

            Mind you I still have alot of work to do. It's still a little bland in my opinion, and could use a few more throwaway details here and there. The walls in particular could use a little touching up...


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              There will be a new map for you monday next week, I hope.
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                Thanks for replies.. and most of all, thanks to map makers for doin' their thing. I for sure don't have the freetime to go and learn a map editor, let alone actually taking the many many hours it takes to make a quality map.

                I guess I'm still a little worried if the quality and quantity of new maps will be able to keep up. Most multiplayer games pit player vs player... which naturally brings about more in-depth and changing strategy, and in turn, longevity.
                But with Alien Swarm, I don't feel the maps have as much lasting appeal. Once players learn the layout, as well as the triggers, it tends to get old much faster.

                I don't know, we'll see I guess. Good luck with the maps you all are working on.

                Any word on offical maps? A new campaign from Blackcat?



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                  Someone make Hadleys Hope from Aliens, and make the mission to fry the eggs so queen gets angry and starts chasing you.
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                    I'll pay for a new campaign from Black Cat...
                    I dunno maybe if we are a good amount willing to pay they WILL make a new one?


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                      We aren't allowed to make a profit of this. *cries*

                      gheheh. It's a good thing anyway. Otherwise epic would sue.


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                        What is the stance on donations? A lot of mods go that way... if not to make money then to simply help with bandwidth bills and such.
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                          Originally posted by etchasketch
                          Ut2k4 comes with a level editor, and it not hard to master.
                          that made me laugh :p

                          Originally posted by Brent Rivienne
                          What is the stance on donations?
                          I'd pay ... Black Cat deserve money for the wonder they have created. (OK I'm done arse-licking for now...)


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                            Originally posted by Brent Rivienne
                            if not to make money then to simply help with bandwidth bills and such.

                            We can handle the bandwidth bills by ourselves, thank you.


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                              Unfortunately UED is only available on Windows.

                              It would be great to have support for that on Linux as well.
                              But I asked one of the devs and he said that there are no plans to port UED to Linux.