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Need Help On Research Level

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  • Need Help On Research Level

    Okay, here's the problem.. I start the level, bust a few door and activate a turret, find the computer terminal by the 2nd turret, download that file into my personal somethingsomething, kill 30 eggs and can't figure out what to do next, I've tried everything and broke every barrel and ran around the map endlessly trying to find the next clue, what am i supposed to do?

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    evacuate the area.

    head southwestish, and follow the flashing red arrows on the ground near the end.


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      nuuu, i went there and the arrow never flashes, i walk in anyway and it's just a door


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        you sure you killed 30 eggs?

        there are 32 in the level, the last four being in crates directly west of the exit.


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          I am stuck... There is a room with lots of laser beams, and I can't go thro them. What to do?


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            Watch the furniture in the room closely. Think three dimensionally. Make sure you have your jump key bound. Also, you'll need to hack something in that room.

            Hope this helps.
            Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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              Or you can use the switch over at the laser itself, but you'll need a tough, healed up character and bunny-hopping to get to it.
              Hey, what's that white dot on the circle-thingy meaGARRRGH!!!


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                Thanks. I got it and passed the level finally!