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1001 obvious Alien Swarm survival tips

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  • 1001 obvious Alien Swarm survival tips

    Top three TIPS OF THE DAY:

    1) Don't Die.

    2) Kill the Aliens.

    3) Don't kill each other.

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    Wow, this must be the stupidest thread so far....

    And dont get me wrong, there are allready guides out there and ppl dont seem to read them anyway....

    And you forgot all about those cute little parasites... You seriusly dont know the secrets of being a good teamkiller, not to mention Triggerin unlimitedalienspawns...


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      4) Don't feed the parasites.

      5) Careful: Aliens can be dangerous when angry.

      6) Aliens are always angry.

      Geez, why not call the thread 101 obvious Alien Swarm tips. Come on, you know we can reach 101!
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        101 obvious Alien Swarm tips is a good idea!

        * edits the thread title *


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          7) Keep a safe distance from WildCat when drooling


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            8) TK the guy holding the flamer at the beginning of the mission.
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              9) Flame the others at the beginning of the mission before they get the chance to TK you.
              Ah, to be a hero. Keeping such company...


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                10) Don't jump down the dark pit in Rescue, which means that you have to be rescued. Wildcat hates the irony, and WILL kill you for it.


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                  11) You can play catch with parasites.
                  12) Parasites don't like playing catch.
                  13) Don't play catch with parasites.
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                    14) Shotgn ALL non-moving and moving targets.
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                      15) Hammer F3 repeatedly as soon as you take the slightest bit of damage from anything. You never know when you might need that last little bit of health!


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                        16) Always seal a door, as soon as you passed through, even if your the first person to pass it.


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                          17) whenever covering the rear with flamethrower and your team is stopped, run backward into the middle of your team while flaming wildly at the first sign of any movement.


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                            18) If you have flamethrower and an alien jumps in the middle of your team that's tightly packed, you MUST kill it! Turn around and flame it!!!
                            19) Others dont like to get flamed.
                            20) Run before they can kill you before their last breath.
                            21) Cry.


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                              *bah took my numbers lol*
                              22. When you kill some one on purpose immediately say, "Oops, Accident"

                              23. Deny the fact that they saw you do a 180 turn to them and fire upon them with the shotgun, your secondary weapon...

                              24. Scramble quickly to take the character you know you suck at first
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