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A couple options questions.

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  • A couple options questions.

    Like most posts on this forum, I'd just like to preface my post by saying that Alien Swarm is incredibly bad ass and I'm enjoying it big time. I have a couple questions that I was hoping some of the UT2K4 engine gurus around could answer.

    1. Can I reverse the walk/run setup somehow? I'd like to walk all the time, and hit shift to run. (I play mostly singleplayer, and walking is way better for SP as far as I'm concerned.)

    2. And in a related question, can I turn off the health bars that pop up when I'm walking? It just makes it more cluttered, and since I use the walk key almost constantly, it just looks kind've dumb having all these red lines floating around.


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    you may want to bind walk to a different key, because shift is bound internally to show the health bars (not seeing an option in the .ini for that) ...


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      Shift is bound to walk and show health bars